6 frække juleideer

6 sexy Christmas gifts

Christmas time is approaching! In the holiday spirit, we've gathered 6 sexy ideas  for gifts for you or someone you love

1. Heart-shaped butt plug

In Danish, we say that Christmas time is the celebration of the hearts (meaning love). And with this heart shaped buttplug, you'll make sure of it! The butt plug is made of body-safe borosilicate, and is compatible with all types of lube. Lube is always a must when it comes to butt plugs or anal sex, as the anus doesn't produce its own lubricant. So don't forget to spoil yourself or your loved one(s) to a little extra gliding pleasure, if they don't have some already.     

2. Peech advent calender!

We're back again with a new Advent calendar, so you can make the dark Sundays a little hotter. Even though the gifts always are a surprise, you'll get 4 completely new, never-before-seen products from Peech in this calendar! There are both vibrating and non-vibrating items, and though the calendar is mostly meant for people with a vulva, there will also be products that can be shared or used by other bodies.   

If you order now, you'll even get our water-based lube Glide & Slide in the deal!

3. Cannabis massage oil


Christmas time can be a little stressful, so a relaxing massage can be very welcome. This massage oil contains hemp seed oil and is infused with pheromones. The pheromones have a slightly intoxicating effect when absorbed through the nose, and the hemp seed oil provides a lovely, relaxing sensation. Perfect for a sensual massage, or just a good shoulder rub.

4. Stimulating clitoris balm

Have you ever made Christmas decorations from oranges decorated with star anise in a cute pattern? The Bad Day Killer clitoral balm smells pleasantly like star anise, so you can get into the Christmas spirit even if you don't have decorations!

The clitoral balm works by increasing the blood flow, making the area more sensitive to the touch. Apply a small amount to the clitoris or anywhere else that could use a little extra sensitivity, and enjoy the pleasant, warming effect after just a few seconds.


5. Elastic penis ring

A penis ring can be placed around the base of the penis, and then inhibits the blood flow. This will give you stronger erections, more stamina and more intense orgasms. This elastic penis ring has a nice Christmas tree green color, and is stretchy enough to be placed around the base of the penis, the scrotum or a combination.

6. A versatile vibrator  

Pawny vibrator fra Peech

When it's Christmas time, it's nice to share the joy of both giving and receiving. So why not get a vibrator that can be shared and used on all bodies! Pawny is a small vibrator with a rounded head that is perfect for gliding over sensitive areas on the body. For example, try it on the perineum or the clitoris. Feel free to use it with a water-based lube for some extra slippery pleasure.

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