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Benefits of masturbating

Masturbation is completely normal - regardless of gender or age. There are many benefits to having sex with yourself. Read on as we've listed some of the benefits

  • You get pleasure: when you masturbate, you get pleasure. This can be both in the context of orgasm, but just the process of having sex with yourself feels great too.
  • You get to know yourself and your body better: masturbation is a great tool to explore your own body. You can find out if there are certain places on or in your body that feels particularly nice to be touched - you can read more about exploring erogenous zones in our article here. By becoming more aware of your body, you are also taking care of yourself, and in the process build up a sense of security for yourself that can boost feelings of self-confidence.
  • You develop your sexuality: masturbation also provides ample opportunity to explore whether there are particular fantasies or desires that turn you on. In this way, sex with yourself can help develop your sexuality. If you masturbate alone, you've created a safe space for yourself where you can do things you might not dare or want to try with others.
  • You can improve your sex life: by knowing yourself and when something feels good - and perhaps when it feels less good - you are more likely to also feel it with your partner(s), which can help when guiding them. In this may, masturbation can help you to communicate what you like and easier guide your partner(s).
  • You'll feel better: masturbation releases hormones in the brain - dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins - that all help to make you feel better. You'll be happier, more relaxed and less stressed and anxious. That's why masturbation also improves your sleep. It's especially during orgasm that the hormones come into play - but the session itself can also have the same effects.
  • Pain is reduced: as an added bonus, the hormone release can also act as a pain reliever. If you have a vulva and experience menstrual pain, it may be worth trying sex with yourself.
  • You increase the likelihood of orgasm: If you haven't tried to have an orgasm before, sex with yourself can increase the possibility. Your own safe company will provide a calm and nice setting for you to experiment with yourself - without the pressure of any partners.
  • You can turn your partner(s) on: masturbating together can be incredibly hot and exciting. Either under the duvet, where touching or looking at each other is forbidden - or masturbating in front of each other. Masturbating with others can also give your partner(s) a hint of how you like to be touched - and vice versa.

You can read our guide to masturbation for people with penises here, and our guide to masturbation for people with vulvas here.