Vores lille guide til sexlegetøj

Our little guide to sextoys

There are many great reasons to masturbate; It releases endorphins and can strengthen your relationship and the comfort you feel in your body. Sextoys can help make masturbation both more easy and more fun, but it can be difficult navigating the many options. That's why we've made a beginners guide to sextoys, so you can get off to a good start 


Size is not everything when it comes to sextoys - in fact, smaller but more versatile sextoys can sometimes be best. This bulletvibrator is made from silky soft silicone, which makes it perfect for tracing along all bodies, discovering where the vibrations feel greatest. Try letting it glide over the perineum, the clitoris, around the anus or on the very tip of the penis. Here, nothing is wrong as long as it feels good.  

You could also try this panty vibrator, which can be fastened to your underwear using the magnet. Let a partner take control and enjoy the powerful, but low noise vibrations. The vibrator can also be connected to the Satisfyer Connect app, which allows you to turn ambient noise into vibrational patterns. Bring it to your next concert and take the experience to the next level!


A dildo is a classic and useful choice. This dildo can also vibrate, making it extra useful! It's up to you if you want to use it as a dildo, or as a massage apparatus for the sore muscles after a long night. However, the ridge on the middle makes it perfect for stimulating the clitoris when inserted, so there's ample reason to use it as intended. Also, remember the lube, it just makes everything a little better.   


People with penises are an often overlooked group when it comes to sextoys, but actually, there are a ton of great options for you! Some of the most popular kinds of sextoys for the penis is the penisring, which can be placed around the base of the penis, thus restricting the bloodflow. This gives you a harder and more powerful erection, can improve stamina and make orgasms a lot more intense. This penisring in soft silicone is a great option for the interested.

Some penisrings also have a little motor, allowing it to vibrate. These types are perfect for people that love the sensation of deep vibrations or for couples, so more than one can enjoy a little vibrating massage. This vibrating penisring can be turned up in order to stimulate the clitoris, or down in order to stimulate the scrotum. Your choice!

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