Guide til at påføre og bruge kondom

How to use condoms

You probably know a thing or two about condoms, and may have experienced the classic condom-on-banana instruction in sex ed in school. But how can you find the right condom for you? Read our guide for advice

What kinds of condoms are there?

There are many different kinds of condoms available today. There are the classic latex ones, latex-free condoms that are particularly useful for those with allergies, vegan condoms, and even flavoured condoms. 

When choosing a condom, the first thing to consider is whether you are allergic to latex. Latex allergy can be experienced as burning, itching or if a rash appears after using a latex condom. If you're in doubt, you can always be tested by a doctor, but otherwise an easy solution is to just switch to latex-free condoms. If you still experience the above mentioned symptoms, even if you use latex-free condoms, it may also be due to the lubricant added to most condoms.

At Peech, you can try the latex-free condoms from Durex, which have a silicone-based lubricant added. The condoms have a width of 56 mm.

How do I find the right size?

Many people feel that condoms can take away the natural sensation and some sensitivity - but did you know that this is often because the condom is in the wrong size? Condoms are not a one-size-fits-all, and a condom with the right width can drastically change your experience.

When choosing the size of your condom, you need to know the right width. So it's not really the length that matters, as most condoms are long enough. However, the width is crucial, as a condom that is too tight can hurt, and one that is too big can slip off - also, too big or small condoms can both change sensitivity quite negatively.

You can measure the circumference, which can then be converted to width, in the following way: when the penis is hard, use a tape measure or a piece of string, which you can then measure on afterwards. Once you have the circumference, you can then use this indicative table to find your size:

  • Circumference: 9.5 cm - 10 cm = Size 46-47
  • Circumference: 10 cm - 11 cm = Size 49-52
  • Circumference: 11 cm -11,5 cm = Size 52-55
  • Circumference: 11,5 cm - 12 cm = Size 55-58
  • Circumference: 12 cm - 13 cm = Size 58-62
  • Circumference: 13 cm - 14 cm = Size 62-66
  • Circumference: 14 cm - 15 cm = Size 66-70

In some shops you can find condoms that use the sizes small, medium, large, XL, XXL etc.

This is not very accurate and if the packing doesn't show the width, small often means a circumference of less than 12 cm, medium a circumference of 12-14 cm and large, XL, etc. a circumference of more than 14 cm.

At Peech you can buy these condoms from Mister Size, which are available in many different widths. Do yourself a huge favour and try a condom in just the right size - it really changes the experience.

How do you put on a condom?

When you put on a condom, you "roll" it down over your penis. When you take the condom out of its wrapper, it's rolled up and it can be hard to tell if it's inside out or not.

It can therefore be helpful to unroll the condom a little, so you can see if it's facing the right way or not. If the rolled edge is facing outwards, it's not inside out and is ready for use.

When you put it on, squeeze the little top at the end of the condom to stop air from getting in. If you have foreskin, it may also be more comfortable to roll that back before putting the condom on.

What to look out for with condoms?

As already mentioned, the right size is really crucial to the experience. In addition, you also need to know:

  • No oil-based lube with condoms! It can break down the surface and make the condom unsafe. Instead, use a water-based or a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Condoms are single-use, throw it out when you're done
  • If the condom is damaged or you roll it on incorrectly the first time, use a new one
  • Condoms have an expiration date! Condoms that are too old can be unsafe, so throw out the expired condoms
  • Condoms can break during sex - it's nobody's fault, but stop straight away if it happens and use a new one