Lora DiCarlo

1.250 kr
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  • Silkeblød kropssikker silikone
  • Vandtæt
  • Genopladelig (Magnetisk Oplader medfølger)
  • 3 forskellige stimuleringsmønstre
  • 3 justerbare højder på kuglerne

Get the nicest intimate massage with Filare

Filare knows his way around. The 3 stimulation balls mimic the feeling of a skilled tongue circulating and caressing your clitoris.

It's well in your palm. Filare is designed ergonomically to fit your body.

It has easy-to-use buttons that let you control just the right amount of touch and build intensity, so you go from having a sensual experience to having Breathlessness. Filare can massage you into 3 different patterns, with 2 speeds and 2 ball heights. You therefore have ample opportunity to get an intimate pleasure, almost as if it were a real tongue that slipped over your body.

Measures 10 cm x 5.2 cm.

  • 2 speeds
  • 3 patterns: Up and down, counterclockwise and clockwise, and swirling
  • 2 ball heights: Control how far out the balls are pressed into the silicone
  • Waterproof: Can be used in bathtub or shower
  • Made of body-safe silicone