Peech bundle klimakskasse med Wand vibrator, Mono flex rabbit, opvarmende glidecreme og bibi butt plug | PEECH

The Climax Box


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Achieve climax by titillating erogenous areas with these products

Relax your body with XL wand from Satisfyer. First, get comfortable with the powerful engine. DFor example, you can first put your hand on the vagina and wanden upstairs and feel the strength of the vibrator. The wanden can be used on the whole body and on erogenous zones. It has 10 vibration patterns and 5 intensity levels. It is equipped with a quiet motor, is USB chargeable and easy to clean.

Now insert the pink Bibi butt plug. They come in three gradually larger sizes. Butt plugs give a feeling of being filled into the anus while pressing erogenous points and amplifying the orgasm. These three are recommended for both experienced and novice users.

Mono Flex Vibrator provides interior and exterior stimulation at the same time. It is equipped with 2 motors, which can be controlled separately. Mono Flex can be connected to the Satisfyer Connect App. Here it can be both remotely controlled or attached to your favorite playlist and vibrate in step with the rhythm. Take the vibrator to the bath or under water and feel the vibrations and material in a completely new way.

All products are an advantage to use with lube. The Climax Box includes a warming lube from Satisfyer. The cream comes in 150 ml bottle, is water-based and has a warming effect. The heat increases the arousal, sensitivity and stimulation of erogenous areas.

  • All products are made of body-safe material