Wheels for titillating and play

🌶 Spice it up med Spike 🌶

Mark the balance of power with a spike - or tease each other with the tickling sensations. Spike is equipped with 3 rows of spikes, which give a sensational feeling as it rolls down the body. The long handle makes it easy to control and give the intensity you want. Whether it’s a gentle tickling sensation or a more intense prickling pain, you can let it roll down your body and get a feeling you simply can't get with other sex toys.

Combine with Orion for extra kink 🤤

Always remember to agree on the framework and limits of the game with your partner (s) before the game begins. 💖 consensual sex 💖

  • The handle is made of coloured acrylic and the wheel of surgical-grade steel
  • Length: 16.51 cm
  • Good for BDSM

Unbound babes are the frontrunners in sex-positive and aesthetic sex toys. Here is enjoyment in focus and taboos are not something they know about. You can read more about them here.