Udforsk dine erogene zoner

Explore your erogenous zones

Knowing your erogenous zones can both strengthen your relationship with yourself and your body, and make sex more fun. When exploring, you can use and focus on larger areas of the body than just the genitals. In addition, exploring your own body can contribute to a better sex life - it will make it easier to put into words where and how you like to be touched, and communicate this to your partner(s).

What are the erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones can be located different places on the body, varying from person to person. In principle, the whole body can be one big erogenous zone, so you should explore it all as you go. For some, finding the right area will create a tickling sensation - for others, stimulation of an erogenous zone will create a feeling of lust, horniness, pleasure or lead to orgasm.

The areas around the genitals are particularly sensitive because many nerve endings are located there. The anus, the whole vulva (especially the labia and clitoris), the vagina, the penis, the testicles and the perineum are all erogenous zones where most people enjoy being touched. But other areas of the body can also benefit from stimulation as part of the sexual act.

Other places on the body that you can explore as erogenous zones are particularly those where the skin is thin. This could be the lips, ears, neck, stomach, inner thighs, knees, wrists or toes.

Feel your way

When exploring on yourself, you can use your fingers, nails, a shower head or sex toy. You can vary the pressure and speed to find out if there's a particular way or pace that excites you particularly. A vibrator such as our Pawny is great for the purpose; its soft shape means it can be used for stimulation all over the body. It can also be nice to explore your erogenous zones with something other than your hands, so it feels like someone other than you is touching your body: because just as you can't tickle yourself, you may not be able to feel or activate your own erogenous zones just using your hands.

If you feel like exploring erogenous zones inside your body, in addition to your fingers you can also use a dildo or a butt plug. If you have a vagina and want to explore where it feels particularly good to be touched, you can use a curvy dildo. A glass dildo, such as our very own Amber or Swirly from Gläs, are particularly great for this purpose, as the material doesn't give and is therefore perfect for hitting and massaging specific points. If you're exploring the rectum, it's important to use a dildo or butt plug with a stopper, so there's no risk of it disappearing inside you.

Explore with partner(s)

It can be beneficial to explore your erogenous zones with your partner(s). In addition to using fingers, nails or sex toys, a partner can also use their tongue, lips, or teeth to explore. If you and one or more partners explore your erogenous zones together, it may be a good idea to agree that orgasms and penetrative sex are not part of the act: that way, you can focus instead on the process of exploring and getting to know yourself and your own body better. 

Whether you're exploring your body on your own or with a partner or partners, it's a good idea to do it in a calm environment and to be patient. That way, you're able to really feel yourself and your body.

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