Silhuet kvinde gardiner

Erotic short story: Dancing silhouettes on her sheets

Written by Karla

Dancing silhouettes on her sheets

The red, floor-length curtains and the last rays of the evening sun combine to create vivid, orange shapes on the walls of the room. Every time the breeze gets hold of the light fabric, round shapes dance from left to right, decorating the room so delicately.

I'm lying in bed with the sheet between my legs. Only one leg out of thewhole body is covered. The other bodies lie naked and free, hoping to be cooled.

Today has been a hot day and I can feel how the sun has made my skin sore and pink. A mixture of salt water residue, sweat and burnt skin makes it difficult for me to slide easily across the white sheets of the bed. Instead, I lie still with my eyes closed. The red inside of my eyelids is identical to what's going on on the bedroom's end wall, and everything blends together.

It's not long before the warm color is replaced with a beautiful face kissing my neck softly. Golden curls sweep across my chest, and everything suddenly feels even warmer.

Her mouth is half-open, and her lips feel soft and pliable. They move lightly up my neck and stop behind my ear. Here she tightens her mouth a little and lets out what you might call a kissing sound. She lifts her head and looks me directly in the eyes. She is beautiful.

My gaze moves slowly over a very symmetrical and tanned face, where the freckled cheeks have taken on a reddish undertone. Between her eyebrows, I can make out two fine lines that have been allowed to stay a little longer. A clear sign of how powerful the sun's rays have been today.

I spot little beads of sweat that have slowly encircled her perfect nose and are now also now taking over the space just above the upper lip.

The room is hot and I can feel my thighs slowly starting to burn. I carefully move one leg slightly to the left. I don't want her to think I'm uncomfortable, so I try hard to avoid any sudden movements. It can't stop now.

As I create a small space between my legs, I immediately feel a breeze hit my sweaty inner thigh, it feels nice.

She sits on top of me with a knee on either side of my hips. She's leaning forward and I can feel her breathing against my skin. Her hands are placed on the soft mattress just above my shoulders and not far from my ears. A quick bend of her elbows brings us together and we are now very close. Her nipples meet mine, and immediately they close in on a dance. It feels good, and my breathing becomes deep and passionate. Our lips touch, but without actually kissing. Instead, we share each other's breath as our front teeth inevitably collide. I inhale her and she inhales me. Two people become one, and suddenly the surroundings feel blurred and indifferent. I close my eyes and welcome her tongue with my own. They entwine as our hands move persistently and synchronously around to the places they can reach. The places that are warm and wet. It all feels bubbly and soft, and in the moment I wish it would never end.

A tingling, almost electric sensation, forms in my abdomen, moving up through my stomach and making a shock in my chest, as I create a whimpering sound that powerfully moves beyond my lips. She laughs affectionately.

'Was it really that nice,' she asks me. I nod smiling and close my eyes again. Our tongues find each other blindly and we continue.

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