Lyt til Peechy Pod Episode 2: Etisk non-monogami og åbne forhold

Listen to Peechy Pod Episode 2: Ethical non-monogamy and open relationships

The tale of two people meeting and living happily ever after is a cliché, but nonetheless the reality for most - at least when we talk about the dichotomy of relationships in this episode of our podcast. Monogamy is the norm, but what if you can't find happiness in just one person? 

Ethical non-monogamy and open relationships

NB: The Podcast is in Danish

There are countless ways to be non-monogamous, and you can easily have healthy romantic and sexual relationships with more than one partner at the same time.

At least that's what Anne Sofie Boelsmand (on Instagram @fissenbollemand) and sexology coach Sofie Krog ( think, and in this episode they talk about the ups and downs of ethical and consenting non-monogamous relationships.

In episode 2 of our podcast, we talk about what it takes to have healthy non-monogamous relationships and why it works for some and not for others, about communication and contraception and how to consider your love and sex life as a hobby or a business.

In the Peechy Pod we discuss sex, and all the ideas we have about sex, with wise and knowledgeable guests - but perhaps from a slightly different angle to the one you are used to from sex education in primary school. Listen and learn more about yourself and others.

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Coordinator, host and editor: Ida Muus

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