Lyt til Peechy Pod Episode 3: Etisk non-monogami og åbne forhold

Listen to Peechy Pod Episode 3: Sex as a trans and/or non-binary person

Maybe you have some pretty specific ideas about what your sex partners like and how sex should be between you. You know how to grab a penis or how to touch breasts so it feels nice, and of course you call a pussy a pussy. But what if the person you're having sex with doesn't fit into the ideas you have about sex, which are the only ones you've gotten to know through sexual education, porn and pop culture?

Sex as a trans and/or non-binary person

In this episode of our podcast, Charlie Hanghøj and Vega Hultén-Pein talk about what it's like to have sex when you're transgender and/or non-binary, to make you more aware of how you should actually approach sex with other people - whether you're cisgender, transgender, non-binary or something else entirely.

In the Peechy Pod, we discuss sex, and all the ideas we have about sex, with wise and knowledgeable guests - but perhaps from a slightly different angle than you're used to from your sexual education in primary school. Listen to the third episode of our podcast and learn more about yourself and others.



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Coordinator, host and editor: Ida Muus

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