Lyt til Peechy Pod Episode 6: Hjertesorger og det gode breakup

Listen to Peechy Pod Episode 6: Heartbreak and the Good Breakup

Breakups can be hard - whether you've been dating and living together for five years or have only been dating for a short while. It can end in great pain and heartache, and maybe it can feel like you'll never get over them.

Heartbreak and the good breakup

NB: The Podcast is in Danish

But fear not: Marie Jedig and Milo Kinnock, who have both been through multiple relationships and breakups, assure you that it will all be okay again. In this episode, they talk about everything that comes after a relationship ends: the grief, the emotions, the teenage tragedy, how to cope with a broken heart, breakup sex, how to actually break up, avoiding your ex on Instagram, staying in touch after the breakup and whether you can even be friends with your ex.

In the episode, Marie and Milo talk about their former broken hearts, and think back to the times when it hurt the most. It's not that it hurts any less in adulthood than it did when you were a teenager, but you might have more tools to abstract from the difficult feelings. They offer advice and answer questions from heartbroken listeners, and offer hope to all of you walking around thinking you're going to be heartbroken forever.

In the Peechy Pod we discuss sex, and all the ideas we have about sex, with wise and knowledgeable guests - but perhaps from a slightly different angle to the one you're used to from sexual education in primary school. Listen in and learn more about yourself and others.



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