Lyt til Peechy Pod Episode 7: Analsex

Listen to Peechy Pod Episode 7: Anal sex

When Danes have to choose what kind of porn they want to watch, they often click on the category called 'anal'. Yet many are put off by all the things that can go wrong. So what things should you actually consider before, during and after having anal sex, if you're curious about what it can do anyway?

Anal sex

NB: The Podcast is in Danish

Sexologist and nurse Bjorn Dotzauer talks about this with Hannibal, who has both good and bad experiences with anal sex himself. It can be especially nice for people born with a penis, as they have a prostate gland - but it can also be true for everyone else. Bjorn explains how to clean yourself properly and prepare for it, while Hannibal describes different ways to have anal sex - whether with tongue, fingers, toys or penis. 

They also discuss the concept of 'pegging' and come up with ideas as to why anal sex is still a bit of a taboo among some people. Because isn't anal sex just anal sex, regardless of who you are, who you have sex with and whether you're the giver or the receiver?

In Peechy Pod we discuss sex, and all the ideas we have about sex, with clever and knowledgeable guests - but perhaps from a slightly different angle than the one you're used to from sexual education in primary school. Listen in and learn more about yourself and others. 


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Coordinator, host and editor: Ida Muus

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