Introduktion til transmaskuline produkter

Introduction to transmasculine products

This guide is a small introduction to transmasculine products, and you can read along whether it's for your own use, or just to learn more.

What is a stroker?

A stroker is a sleeve that can be put on the shaft of the penis, preferably with a little lubricant. The stroker is then stroked up and down the penis at the pace you want.

In the transmasculine context, a stroker can also provide pleasure to those who are FTM/transmasculine/non-binary at several stages of your medical, sexual development. For people who are not taking hormones, it may be more difficult to find a stroker that fits, in opposition to people who have undergone longer hormone therapy and/or surgery. To get the most out of the product, it's important to find a stroker that fits you in diameter. Strokers come in many different shapes and colours and can be either vibrating or have a grooved inside.

The New York Toy Collective created the Jack model to create a 2-in-1 that functions as both a penis stroker and a packer. Jack is made of 100% soft silicone that can be cleaned by boiling it and can be used with both hybrid and water-based lubricants. The inside is ribbed and provides a nice vacuum on anyone with a diameter over 1.27 cm and can of course expand as well. Jack can also be used for a smaller size, but will not give the same suction when used.

What can a packer do?

A packer is for those who want a bulge in their pants. The purpose of a packer is to make it look and feel like you have a penis. A packer is shaped like a penis in a flaccid state, is very soft and is therefore not intended for penetration. 

Our packer from StrapU gives you a realistic bulge in your pants and can be attached either in your underwear or in a harness for a more stable hold of the packer. The StrapU packer will give the impression of a flaccid penis in your underpants. This packer is made from body-safe TPE, which has a soft and flexible feel - a tip might be to brush the packer with a little potato starch to ensure a comfortable, non-sticky feel when using it for a longer duration.

What does STP mean?

STP stands for "stand to pee" and is, as the name suggests, for people without a penis who want to pee standing up. An STP can be helpful for people with gender dysphoria and at the urinal in public toilets. So an STP has several purposes, practical, aesthetic and mental. 

The Sam STP from New York Toy Collective is an STP packer, which is used by placing the packer in your underwear and making sure to hold it in place when you pee. You can also use a harness, to ensure it stays in place during use. Of course, it may take some practice the first few times you try it. Sam has a realistic look and a suitable size with its 7.6 cm shaft length, which also makes it an ideal packer.

What is binder tape? 

Binder tape (also called trans tape) is used to bind the breast tissue, giving the appearance of a flat chest under the shirt. Like the packer, binder tape can help with gender dysphoria, mental health and self-esteem by allowing you to express your gender identity the way you want. There are many different ways to bind (see example here), but the most important thing is to avoid tying the tape all the way around your chest, as you risk damaging your ribs and impairing your breathing. Also remember to give your body a break every now and then, as it can be stressing for the body wearing binder tape for long periods of time. 

Our binder tape is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and can be used for everyday wear, exercise and even in the water. When you are finished with the tape, remember to use oil, such as almond or coconut oil, to soften the tape and then remove it.

What is a transmasculine pump?

Transmasculine pumps aim to increase the sensitivity of your genitals. To use the trans-masculine pump, place the cylinder over your genitals and pump gently. This creates a vacuum which increases sensitivity and makes touching more intense.

New York Toy Collective has created a trans-masculine pump
, with three cylinders in different sizes - so it's easier to find a size that fits you.

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