billede af s3x novellesamlinger fra Peech på lyserød baggrund

Our s3x short story collection

Our latest short story collection is here! Read more about them here

S3x short story collection

In collaboration with People's Publishing, we have finally released our first two-volume short story collections, both called s3x.

The stories are all different in subject matter, pace and characters. Some are sensual, some intimately exploratory, others magical. Erotica in writing can be a different way to explore your sexuality. It can be a platform to explore and expand your fantasies in a safe and imaginative way. In our short story collection, there are many different kinds of themes and sexual situations, and you'll have a great opportunity to explore existing kinks - or maybe discover some new ones.

S3x short story collection with contributions from Glenn Bech, Frida Retz and many other exciting authors

The 23 short stories in the collection are spread over 2 volumes:

In the first volume you can read short stories from writers Anne Sofie Boelsmand, Bryn R. Frederiksmose, Cecilie Bødker, David Jørgensen, Ida Marie Hede, Laura Ringo, Molly Mørch, Niels Henning Krag Jensby, Sofie Diemer, Stine Greve and Tomas Lagermand Lundme.

In the second volume, you can read short stories from writers Elias Sadaq, Frida Retz, Glenn Bech, Laura Hogriffe, Lyn Højer Nielsen, Mathilde Elgaard Christiansen, Nikolaj Tange Lange, Oliver Jensen, Pernille Abd-El Dayem, Rosa Ejrnæs, Sascha Trier Olsen and Solvej Amalie Joensen.

Each book costs 250 and you can get both for just 449! Buy our s3x short story collections right here

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