Guide til camsex: Sådan sikrer I en fræk og tryg oplevelse

Guide to camsex: How to ensure a sexy and safe experience

Having camsex with your fling(s) or partner(s) can be a sexy experience where you can explore new sides of each other and your sex life. For those of you in a long-distance relationship, exploring each other through camsex can also be a great way tool. By having camsex you can maintain an intimate and sexual relationship even if you can't be physically together. But how do you get started with camsex and what can you do to make it a good and hot experience for everyone?

This article is written by Selma Paludan, journalism student and currently in a long-distance relationship.

Create good conditions

To create the best possible conditions for a safe and naughty experience, it's important that you prepare before you have camsex. Make sure you talk about when it suits you both best and how it would turn you on the most if and when it happens. Once you have the framework in place, you can start looking forward to the experience by building up foreplay together. To turn each other on, you could, for example, send each other a nude or otherwise sext. You might want to read the guide with 6 tips for mastering sexting. In order for you both to feel safe and relaxed during the process, it's important that you both make sure that you will not be disturbed or that you feel that you have to keep a lid on yourselves and your noise level during the process. This way, you'll have more time to focus on each other and your own pleasure.

Consent is key

Even if you've agreed on a time that suits you both and have talked about how you're both comfortable with it, it's still important to make sure that you both still want to and are turned on by the idea when it comes down to it. Just like any other form of sex, consent is necessary. However, it can be harder to pick up on each other's signals when you're not physically together. So with camsex, it's extra important that you pay attention to each other and that you both use your words to check in with each other. It's perfectly natural to feel that camsex can make you feel insecure because you don't physically feel your partner's touch. Reassure each other that you turn each other on and enjoy it before, during and after you've been together.

Start out naturally with foreplay

Just as if you were physically together, use foreplay to warm each other up and turn each other on. This creates a sexual, tantalizing build-up between you, and makes it feel more natural than if you just started off straight away. You can use your words to make each other horny. For example, you can tell each other in a sensual way what you want to do to each other while slowly taking off your clothes at the same time.

Turn each other on with dirty talk

It's great to use a little dirty talk when you have camsex, as you can use it to create the sexual atmosphere you want. For many people, it's also sexy to use dirty talk to create a sexual power struggle between you, even if you don't have the opportunity to use your bodies to take either a dominant or submissive role.

For example, if you want to take a dominant role, you can use dirty talk to tell your partner(s) where you want them to touch themselves. You can also ask them to tell you how it feels for them while doing this. You can also say that you want to hear them moan or see them from a certain angle.

If you sense that your partner(s) are climaxing, you can also ask them to either come for you or tell them to ask your permission before they come.

You can also read the guide to dirty talk for beginners for more advice.

Explore each other's sexual fantasies

Camsex with your partner(s) is a great opportunity to explore new sides of each other and get to know each other better sexually. For example, it's a great opportunity to explore each other's sexual fantasies, as the physical distance can make it feel less awkward to share intimate fantasies. For example, you can ask your sexual partner(s) to close their eyes and touch themselves during the session. Closing your eyes heightens your other senses. So telling your sexual partner(s) about your sexual fantasy will give them a more intimate and intense sexual experience.

Talk about your fantasy in detail and describe your specific thoughts and what they mean to you, so that your partner(s) will feel like they are part of the fantasy too. As well as sharing sexual fantasies with each other, many people find that it can also be sexy to read out loud to each other about something that turns you both on.

Use camsex to add more pleasure to your physical sex life

Through camsex, you experience each other sexually from a new, sexual perspective. Sharing a naughty experience with camsex can even strengthen and enhance your sex life when you're physically together again. Through camsex, you're likely to build a new sense of sexual confidence, which means you'll both have the courage to explore each other even more and desire each other from a new perspective. You'll also practice using senses other than physical touch during sex. At the same time, there is also a good opportunity to practice dirty talk if it is not something you have tried before!

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