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Sex in public

Long nights and sunburnt cheeks can get many horny - and warm summer evenings make it more easy to have sex outdoors. But what is good manners when it comes to outdoor sex and what does the law say?

When can you have sex in public?

In Denmark, it is perfectly legal to have sex in public as long as you are considerate of others. If you are not considerate of your fellow human beings, having sex in public can be considered criminal indecent exposure. It's a matter of judgment and you don't know the boundaries of others in advance.

Having sex in public can be a difficult balancing act: On the one hand, the risk of being caught can fuel horniness, but at the same time, you have to be careful not to offend or bother others.

What's the best way to be considerate?

When it comes to having sex in public, the best way to be considerate is not to have sex in obvious places. Instead, look for more hidden areas, such as behind a tree, a bush or in a backyard. You can also find semi-public areas, such as public restrooms or doorways.

Before you have sex in the open

Sometimes having sex outdoors is a spontaneous urge - other times it's more planned. If you're planning to have sex in public, it's a good idea to think about it beforehand:

  • Make it a date: Go for a walk together and make a game out of finding the most ideal place for you to have public sex. Having a conversation about the kind of sex you'd like to have with each other and a specific location is guaranteed to spark your imagination. 
  • Prepare the practicalities: Think about what things would be nice to have on hand. A sandy beach or forest floor can hold all sorts of things that are uncomfortable to sit or lie on - pack a blanket or a thick jacket to use as a base layer. It's also a good idea to bring both lube and intimate wipes. Don't forget a bag so you can clean up after yourself and take good care of nature.

Sexual play amongst others

Playing intimate games amongst others can be incredibly naughty. It allows you to have some sort of secret together that you can remind each other of every time you make eye contact. For example, before you go out, you might have had sex and left a butt plug in or put on an app-controlled vibrator.

But also be aware that if for example you're having dinner with your friends, it can be extremely uncomfortable and awkward for them to be indirectly made a part of your sexual life. If it's an intimate setting with a few guests, make sure you've asked the hypothetical question of what your friends think about someone wearing remote-controlled toys to parties beforehand.

If you're going to a concert or out dancing and getting sweaty, the considerations are likely to be different. Here, you're less likely to involve specific people in your game. But overall, it's a good idea to talk about how to be considerate of your fellow human beings - preferably before you have a drink. 

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