Guiden til fjernstyret sexlegetøj

The guide to remote-controlled sex toys

With remote-controlled sex toys, you can take control of your partner(s), or vice versa, from a shorter or longer distance. It can be a way to strengthen intimacy, or a practical solution if you are long distance. Read on and learn more about the selection and your options for personalizing the settings on your sex toy

There are many advantages to remote-controlled sex toys. It can be a way for you to still have sex, even if you are separated physically - but it can also be a way to experiment with control games. By letting your partner(s) decide when the toy is turned on or increased in intensity, you can practice edging each other - that is, stimulating, touching, kissing, whatever, right up until to the point where your partner is about to have an orgasm, in which case you stop touching. In this way, the orgasm is postponed and gets more intense, the more times you repeat the exercise. Keep going until it gets too irritating, but remember some patience, it really pays off!

Remote-controlled sex toys also give more control, whether it's with an actual remote control, bluetooth or through an app. That's because you avoid having to mess around with the manual controls of the sex toy, which can be particularly nice if you use it with a partner(s). It can put a little dampener on the mood if you have to spend a long time finding the button for the speed or rhythm. With the remote-controlled element, you avoid fumbling around for too long. If you are looking for sex toys that are suitable with a partner(s), you can also read through our little guide here.

App-controlled sex toys

A lot of remote-controlled sex toys work via bluetooth or an app, rather than using a small remote control. Here, Satisfyers Connect App is a particularly good example. You can use the app to control your sex toy, but also experiment with making vibrations in tune with your favorite music, turning ambient noise into vibrations (maybe your favorite movie?) or creating a personal vibrational pattern, which you can share with other Satisfyer Connect users or a partner who also has the app.

A classic remote-controlled sex toy is the small panty vibrator that can be discreetly attached to the underwear using the magnet, and then controlled remotely by your partner(s). Satisfyer has taken the panty vibrator to the next level with this app-controlled version that's quiet but still powerful!

Satisfyer trusse vibrator

Double Joy is an obvious choice for remote-controlled sex toys for couples, and is also compatible with the Connect app. The vibrator has countless possibilities of use. For example, hold it around the penis or insert it into the vagina. Experiment at bit to figure out the best use for you.

Satisfyer Double Joy par partner vibrator

It's not a complete list without Lush 3 from Lovense. Lush 3 is particularly popular with long-distance couples, as their app can control the vibrations wherever you are in the world. The large, curved top is also ideal for hitting and massaging the G-spot. Use some water-based lube and let the deep, but quiet vibrations take you on a journey.

If you want to try a more budget-friendly version, Phoenix from Svakom is a nice alternative.

Lovense lush 3 fjernstyret bluetooth vibrator


Remote-controlled sex toys for penis

The penis ring is a great sex toy to have remote control, as it allows you to practice edging or reaching orgasm without using your hands. By putting on the penis ring and then starting the vibrations, you can slowly stimulate yourself until you hit that sweet release. Strong One from Satisfyer is a good choice, as the large motor provides you with deep, powerful vibrations.

Satisfyer strong one penisring

Penis rings are also great when used with a partner. On this Neptune penis ring, the motor is larger and more elongated than the Strong One, which makes it easier to stimulate a partner. For example, turn it upwards to hit the clitoris, or downwards to stimulate your scrotum. A remote control is also included, so you don't have to mess with the settings when you're well underway.


Hueman neptune penisring med remote fjernbetjening

Sex toys with a remote

This vibrating strap-on doesn't need a harness, and a remote control is included! Once you have put it in and it sits comfortably, you don't have to think about tinkering with the settings anymore. Just use the small remote control, which is easy and intuitive to use with just a single button.

No parts selvsiddende strap on

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