Hvordan bruger man en penisring?

How to use a penis ring

A penis ring is an elastic ring, usually made of silicone, that can be put around the penis. Its function is to keep blood out in the penis - by tightening around the penis and thus preventing blood from running back in. A penis ring can therefore maintain an erection, and can both increase sensitivity, prolong erections and intensify orgasms

How do you put the penis ring on?

A penis ring can be used for sex with yourself as well as with others. You apply a penis ring by first making sure your penis is stiff - then you insert or roll the penis ring down to the base of your penis. You may want to add some water-based lubricant to make it easier to put on. It is also possible to use a penis ring around the testicles, or both the testicles and penis at the same time. Penis rings are flexible, and should tighten slightly around the penis. It should feel good: if you experience pain when using a penis ring, do not use it.

What size penis ring should I choose?

If you haven't tried a penis ring before, you may want to buy this adjustable penis ring from Velv'or, which can be adjusted to just the right size. In our range of penis rings, the diameter is always shown - before buying, it's a good idea to measure your penis or your partner's penis to get a feel for the right size. You can measure the circumference of a penis by taking a piece of string and wrapping it around the root - mark with a pen, lay the string on a surface and measure the distance between the two marks. To get the diameter, simply divide by 3.14.

After using a penis ring

Wearing a penis ring for too long can be harmful. We recommend wearing it for no more than half an hour at a time. It is also important to take the ring off again after you have cum, so that the blood can flow freely in the body. It is important to clean a penis ring thoroughly both before and after use - if the penis ring is waterproof, it can be washed with mild antibacterial toycleaner - if the penis ring is not waterproof, you can use this organic disinfectant spray made for sex toys instead.

Use with condoms

Penis rings can be used with condoms without any problems. The condom must first be applied correctly, after which you can apply a little water-based lubricant and then place your penis ring.

Choose the right penis ring

In addition to deciding on the size of a penis ring, you also need to decide whether it should have additional features. We've put together a few points below to help you get a brief overview of what penis rings are available - and how they can be used.

  • Penis rings without vibration. A classic penis ring is in itself a flexible and soft ring. It serves the purpose of keeping blood in the penis, thereby increasing sensitivity, prolonging erections and intensifying orgasms. If you get two penis rings, you have plenty of opportunity to explore what it feels like to have one ring on your penis and one on your testicles. Rings on the testicles can increase sensitivity and prolong erections even further. The sensation is not for everyone - but you can explore your own body to your advantage. We have both this elastic penis ring from Je Joue with a diameter of 3.2 - and this one from Laid with a diameter of 3.8. 

  • Penis rings with vibration. If you want a little extra, you can choose a version with vibration. There are some where the motor is relatively small, so the stimulation is particularly focused penis. There are also some where the area that vibrates is larger - for example, this penis ring from Boners. Such a penis ring will stimulate the testicles as well, and can also be positioned to stimulate your partner(s) as well. Placed so that the motor faces upwards on the stomach, it can stimulate the crotch or clitoris during penetrative sex.

  • Adjustable penis rings. An adjustable penis ring may be right for you if you're either worried about whether a penis ring will hurt - or if you're unsure about what size penis ring to buy. It can be adjusted to fit perfectly - and it's easy to take off. An adjustable penis ring is also a good idea if you want to find out if a ring around the testicles feels nice. It can be tightened around the testicles alone, or placed around both the penis and testicles.

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