Hvorfor skal du rengøre dit sexlegetøj?

Why should you clean your sextoys?

There are two good reasons to clean your sex toys properly. One is that thorough and gentle cleaning extends the life of your sex toy and ensures its quality. Sex toys come in many price ranges - if you've spent a lot of money investing in the right sex toy for you, it makes sense to take good care of it. The second reason is to ensure good hygiene: you risk transmitting bacteria either vaginally and/or anally if you are not careful about cleaning. These bacteria include chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis, as well as the risk of urinary tract infections and fungus.

Before using your sex toys

Whether you've just unwrapped a new sex toy or want to use the favourite from the drawer, it's important to clean it before use. No matter how well you store your sex toy, there is a risk that it will collect dust and bacteria. So for your sake and your body's, it's a good idea to make sure your sex toys are thoroughly cleaned before you use them - every time. This also applies if you've lent your sex toy to a friend or partner.

After you have used your sex toy

After using your sex toy, a film of biological material is left behind. This is called biofilm, and contains many different bacteria. Although it's tempting to stay in bed after you've had sex with yourself or your partner(s), it's important to clean your sex toys straight away. If your sex toys have batteries, remember to remove them before you start cleaning.

Make sure you let your sex toy dry

Once you've cleaned your sex toy, it's important to dry it well. It pays to let your sex toys air dry. Alternatively, it may be a good idea to buy a microfibre towel for the purpose - it won't leave lint on your sex toy when you wipe it. It's important that your sex toy is completely dry before you pack it up - otherwise the surface will tend to attract dirt and bacteria.

How should you store your sex toys?

Storing your sex toys properly is just as important as cleaning them thoroughly. Even if you know how to clean your sex toys properly, it's a waste of time if you don't store them properly. The most appropriate way to store sex toys is in a closed environment, so that dust and bacteria don't collect on the surface.

Just as you shouldn't apply silicone-based lube to silicone sex toys, silicone sex toys shouldn't have contact with each other- the surface can dissolve and your sex toy will be ruined. Therefore, store your sex toys separately in cloth bags or boxes - but not in plastic, as this can damage your sex toys too. Find a good place to store your sex toy: it should preferably be in a dry, warm and dark place. 

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