Sexlegetøjsguide til begyndere

Sex toy guide for beginners

At Peech we don't want it to be taboo buying and using sex toys, but because it has been the norm for a long time (and still is), you might not know a lot about the selection of sex toys available. In this guide you'll get a little introduction to some of the different kinds, mostly targeted at people with a vulva. 

Before you start thinking about what kind of sex toy is right for you, you should think about what kind of stimulation you like or prefer. Is it inner stimulation through penetration? Maybe you're like two thirds of people with a vulva, who needs clitoris stimulation to get an orgasm? Maybe you need to get to know your body first, touch yourself, look yourself in the mirror, find out what you even like. No matter the case, it's a good idea to think about what you prefer, so it's easier to choose the right sex toy for you. Then you're ready to learn a little about the different categories:


The term "vibrator" covers all vibrating sex toys - but that comes in many different shapes and sizes! Our vibrator Corny is an example of a vibrator that can be used both externally like a wand or internally like a dildo. A wand is a massage rod (often vibrating), which is perfect for clitoris stimulation. Also, the surface of Corny is grooved, which gives a different feel when used as a dildo. 

Vibrators also come in smaller sizes, like bulletvibrators. The size and the shape of the vibrator determines how concentrated the stimulation and vibrations will be and bulletvibrators give, thanks to their compact little sizes, a very focused stimulation. That makes them great for when you want to be accurate, like when you're stimulating the clitoris. The small and ergonomic size is also great for just running over the body and explore which areas are sensitive. Bullie is our version of a bulletvibrator and is covered in soft silicone. Bulletvibrators are usually covered in hard plastic or soft silicone, which gives two very different sensations. If you're running the bulletvibrator over the entire body a silky soft silicone surface might feel nicer, while hard plastic is better if you're just staying in place. If you're using some waterbased lube however, you'll a nice smooth surface no matter the material. In general you should remember that lube is always useful - even when you're "just" having sex with yourself.            

The G-spot

You probably know the classic dildo, which comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some dildos are even designed specifically to hit the G-spot. For some, the G-spot can be found about 5-7 centimeters in, in the direction towards the pubic bone. Try inserting a finger and bending it in a "come-here" shape, and then see if you can find an especially sensitive spot.

To stimulate the G-spot more easily, most G-spot dildos are slightly curved or have a dent. Arc is a great example of a G-spot dildo, both because of its curve, but also the slightly broader, vibrating head. Sometimes it's nice with a more intense stimulation, which you can achieve using a dildo made from a harder material. The Amber dildo is made from borosilicate glass, which gives an intense and precise stimulation, thanks to its smaller size.      

Clitoris stimulators      

With a clitoris stimulator you'll get a very different experience than vibrators. The vibrator works by stimulating through direct contact with the body, whereas a clitoris stimulator works by releasing pulsating waves of air. These waves both stimulate the visible part of the clitoris and the inner, non-visible part, as the pressure waves travel along the arms of the clitoris. It can feel very intense with the pressure waves, but clitoris stimulators are actually also great if you're more sensitive, as there's no direct touch - just keep the stimulator at a low setting.

The clitoris stimulator from Satisfyer is pretty famous, but there's an ocean of stimulators in so many different sizes, colors and shapes to choose from. Clamy is one of our clitoris stimulators, and is shaped like a little clam. The ergonomic design makes it great for holding and shifting around, making it easier to hit the right spot. The little opening also gives a more precise and intense stimulation, so you'll know just when you're hitting the right spot.             

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