A sex shop with a focus on well-being and health

Peech is a sex shop that sells a large selection of sex toys, lubes and bondage equipment, but also various books, products for transgender people, t-shirts and other small, fun gifts. We focus on self-love and pleasure, but also health and education.

Because we don't just want to be a sex shop - we also want to help create a better dialogue about sexual education, pleasure and self-care. That's why we regularly host events such as quizzes, bingo nights and talks
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A sex shop with more than sex toys 

We know it can be confusing to choose the right thing in the vast selection of sex toys. That's why we also write guides on how to use and get the most out of your sex toys in our blog: Peech Journal. If you're new to sex toys, we also have a little beginner's guide to help you navigate the vast selection.

In our two sex shops, we carefully select our products based on functionality and quality, and should you buy something that's not quite right for you, we always offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on items purchased in our webshop. You can get expert advice in our stores if you have any doubts, but you can also send questions to our email hej@peech.dk or use the chat function on this page.

A physical and online sex shop for everyone 

At Peech, we also work to nuance the existing image of sex and sex toys. We want to be a sex shop that helps show how sex toys can be used by everyone - not just people with vulvas. Sex toys can be a way to get to know your body better and experiment with different kinks or sensations. We sell products from well-known brands such as:



In addition, we also produce our own sex toys. You can try our popular Clamy clitoris stimulator or the versatile Pawny vibrator that can be used on all bodies.

As a sex shop, we also have many products that are perfect for sharing and creating a different kind of intimacy. Sex toys can be a way to strengthen your relationship with yourself, but also with your partner(s). Among other things, you can explore our popular selection of: vibrators, dildos, clitoris stimulators or products specifically for the penis.

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