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Meet Unbound Babes

Sexual well-being and inclusion are the keywords behind Unbound Babe's vision

Founded in the US in 2012 by Polly Rodriguez and Sarah Jayne Kinney, Unbound have innovated and launched sexual accessories such as vibrators, dildos, vacuum vibrators, BDSM accessories and much more.

Unbound started as a subscription service but have since launched their very own beautiful product line. At PEECH you'll find Europe's largest selection of toys from Unbound Babes.

Unbound Babes are the frontrunners of sex-positive and aesthetic sex toys. Enjoyment is in focus, and there's no such thing as taboo.

Unbound Babes started in response to the reality that sex toys were often designed to look like a penis first and stimulate second. The appearance of the toy says nothing about how functional it is. But that doesn't mean that looks don't matter to Unbound Babes. They place great emphasis on aesthetics, creating beautiful products in gorgeous colors and shapes - and they don't necessarily look like penises.

They prioritize materials and quality and sell at manageable prices. But what matters most to them is shattering the idea that sex is embarrassing or taboo, and as a result, they have a wide range of toys for all bodies and (almost) all kinks.

We found some of our favorites from Unbound. Read more to find out why:

For KINK (fetish)

Equipment for BDSM and other kinks have previously been underrepresented at PEECH - and that's changing at your request. We've had a hard time finding nice and safe toys that we think fit into the PEECH universe. Fortunately, this has all changed with the latest delivery from Unbound.

Cuffies - The soft silicone handcuffs are easy to use and allow you to trap your partner's arms quickly and safely, not to mention get them off quickly if needed.

Cuffies handcuffed from Unbound babes

Try cuffies here

Orion - Do you need to keep your partner locked down? Or do you need to be taught a lesson yourself? With these beautiful cuffs, you can take control or submit to your partner. And they're even made of vegan leather.

Orion cuffies from unbound babes

Orion at Peech baby!

Spike - Whether it's a gentle tickling sensation or a pain that stings, you can trail it down your body for a feeling unlike any other.

Spike from unbound babes

Spike it up!

Tsk - The whip can be used to caress and tickle the body, and in a matter of seconds, it can switch to harsher punishments if that's what you want. On top of that, it's beautiful! Who wouldn't want to play with this beauty?

Tsk whip from unbound babes

Whip into shape here


Beautiful and powerful vibrators for both vaginal and anal use. Rechargeable and made of body-safe medical-grade silicone. You're welcome!

Ollie - Ollie is easy to use and offers powerful vibrations. There's no beating around the bush with Ollie. The vibration head is big, so whether you're new to sex toys or an experienced user, the chances of finding the clitoris should be high.

Ollie wand vibrator from unbound babes

Try your Ollie here at Peech

Shimmy - Our first vibrating anal plug! With Shimmy you get the opportunity to stimulate the anus with vibration while enjoying the hands on the rest of your body.

Shimmy vibrating butt plug from dame products

Buy Shimmy here

The most beautiful

Hands down, Unbound makes some of the most beautiful sex toys we've ever seen. From shape, materials and colors to packaging and finished product. Unbound's design team is inventive, and there's a bit of humour in most new inventions from Unbound's brilliant research & development team

Puff - is a small, firm and extremely powerful suction or vacuum vibrator. It comes in Quartz and its rechargeable battery and suction mouthpiece make it ideal for titillating nipple play and a sure winner in the battle of The big-O

Puff vibrating suction vacuum vibrator from unbound babes

Puff puff or pass?

Stellar - see stars with Stellar! Stellar is a toy for those who want to experiment with shapes and temperatures. Stellar is made of glass, making it easy to heat or cool. Put it in cold water before play to tease yourself or your partner with the intense cold - or put it in hot water for a more neutral experience

Stellar from unbound babes

If you're not convinced or just can't decide, you can find all our products from unbound babes here or go with our unbound package to save a little money. More is more.

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