Onani guide til personer med vulva

Masturbation guide for people with a vulva

Since there are many different sensory areas both on the vulva and inside the vagina, it can make masturbation and self-indulgence a truly creative and exploratory process where you can learn many nuances of your pleasure. Below you will find a guide to what you can experiment with when masturbating.

Explore different areas of your vulva and vagina

For many, the clitoris is usually the go-to spot. There are 8000 nerve endings at the tip of the clitoris, and it is therefore a really sensual area where many can have powerful orgasms. Try switching between vertical strokes up and down to making circles. How does it feel with gentle pressure rather than hard pressure? It can feel good to switch between massaging around the clitoris and directly on. Also experiment with slow and fast pace. However, there are many areas one can stimulate beyond the clitoris that can feel just as lovely. For example, massaging the labia or vaginal entrance. You can also experiment with stimulating the clitoris while touching another area.

Try noticing how it feels to touch or massage your perineum. It is an often overlooked area which for some may feel nice to touch or massage with a delicious oil. You can also try touching the anus and g-zone on the vaginal wall up against your stomach. If you like penetration, you can experiment with stimulating the g-zone, for example with a dildo, while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris.

Another often overlooked area is the cervix. It sits at the top of the vagina and can feel a little nubbed. Maybe you can reach it with your fingers, if not you can try stimulating it with a dildo. It is often good with one of glass or one that is a little heavy. You can also try touching yourself while looking at your vulva in a mirror.

Experiment with time and date yourself

Notice how it feels in your body when you masturbate for a few minutes and have a quick orgasm compared to putting a whole hour of time off. I get it. Sometimes you just feel like doing it on a towel on the floor and that's all right. But other times, it can be really delicious to date yourself when you need to masturbate. Take a nice bath, use body lotion, light candles, sensual music and dress up for yourself. Be your own best lover.

Switch between different sex toys

Vibrations can feel really good and are a pretty powerful form of stimulation of the vulva. It can therefore be fun to switch between sex toys with different textures every time you masturbate to feel different kinds of pleasure. Switch between glass, vibrators, silicone without a vibrator or maybe a yoni egg. Or try using the shower jets to stimulate your clitoris the next time you are in the shower.

Masturbate at different times in your cycle

For many, sex drive changes during a menstrual cycle as the level of hormones changes several times. Therefore, for many, the kind of touch and mood that turns them on will also vary. For example, make sure to notice what you are in the mood for when you are ovulating can be completely different compared to when you are menstruating.

Experiment with edging

Edging is a "technique" where you masturbate until you are about to have an orgasm. But you do not let yourself come, instead you slow down just before orgasm and slowly build up the pace again. This can be repeated several times, and it can make it extra enjoyable to focus on your breathing in the meantime. Repeat as many times as you like, and when you finally allow yourself to come, it can often become a really powerful orgasm because it has been built up for so long.

Three tips
- Change the pace and ways you stroke your fingers across the vulva
- Pamper yourself as you would pamper a partner
- Switch between a quicky and long, slow orgasms!

Have a great time!

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