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Listen to Peechy Pod Episode 1: The myth of the virginity

The myth that people with a vulva run around with a "hymen" until they have their sexual debut is alive and well: we have a virgin skin until we lose it, which of course can only happen through penetrative sex with a penis and a vagina. But what exactly do you lose when you "lose your virginity"? When is sex really sex? And what do you do if you're not into penis-in-a-vagina penetration sex?

The myth of the virginity

NB: The Podcast is in Danish

We tear apart the "virgin hymen" and try to make room for queer sex, when doctor Anne-Mette Glud Hjerrild from Normkritiske Læger and sex educator Sonja Rita Kjøller Christensen are in the studio to discuss and dismantle the heteronormative ideas we have about the virginity. The talk is based on Anne-Mette's contribution to the Peech Journal on the myth of the virginity, where she looks at the phenomenon from a medical and a queer perspective. 

We talk about what a hymen really looks like, how we should define what sex is to make the conversation more inclusive, and come up with ideas about where the myth actually comes from.

In the Peechy Pod, we discuss sex, and all the ideas we have about sex, with clever and knowledgeable guests - but perhaps from a slightly different angle than the one you're used to from sex education in primary school. Listen and learn more about yourself and others.

The podcast is organised and edited by Ida Muus, and the music is produced by Hex Electronix.

NB: Peechy Pod is in Danish


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Coordinator, host and editor: Ida Muus

Music: Hex Electronix

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