Fem gode stillinger til penetrerende sex hvis der er stor højdeforskel

Five good positions for penetrative sex if there is a big height difference

If there is a big height difference between you and your partner(s), it can be a challenge to make penetrative sex work. Read on as we suggest five sex positions that are great if there's a big height difference between you.

While spooning

No matter how tall or short you are, having penetrative sex while spooning can always work. In this position, you are very close to each other, even if you can't look each other in the eye. The big spoon can kiss the little spoon's neck, and has an arm free to touch the other person's body: this could be touching their genitals, holding their neck, stroking their hair - whatever feels good to you. The person penetrating is the big spoon - they get behind the person who is the little spoon and penetrate from behind. The small spoon can move either higher up or lower down to adjust to the height difference.

Modified doggystyle

Having penetrative sex doggystyle allows you to penetrate in a way that is good if you want to hit the g-zone or p-zone. It is an intense form of stimulation, which can be pleasurable for the recipient. The classic doggystyle works best if you're height-matched - luckily, you can modify the position so that it's also good if there's a big height difference between you. Instead of being on all fours, the receiver in doggystyle can make themselves 'taller' by placing their upper body down on the mattress, bringing their knees together and pushing their buttocks up. If the receiver needs to get 'lower', they can do so by pushing their knees out to the side or up against their chest.

The recipient at the top

Height difference is never a problem in this position. No matter how tall or short the receiver is, it is always possible to sit on something that needs to be penetrated. Moreover, in this position there is ample opportunity for the receiving party to stimulate themselves with their hands while doing so. There is no right or wrong way to ride - the receiver can move up and down or back and forth. You can read more about how to ride in our guide here.

Missionary with legs up

Having penetrative sex in the missionary position can be great - but also a challenge if you're not the same height. By changing the position of the receiver's legs, it can be easier to get a good penetration. The receiving partner lifts their legs up in a V-shape - this can be with legs straight, or with bent legs where the receiver can hold their thighs. The person penetrating can also help by having the receiver's legs on the shoulders or grasping the ankles. How the legs are positioned is up to you - the most important thing is that it feels nice and comfortable for both of you.

Use furniture actively

You can use the furniture you have available to have sex in positions that might otherwise be awkward or impossible when there is a big height difference. There can also be benefits to getting creative with furniture - you can explore different variations of height, and it can also be used to create stability or increase your stamina. Of course, it requires a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, but there are definitely some fun experiences to be had.

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