Langsom sex

Slow sex

An average intercourse takes about 4-6 minutes, depending on which study you look at. But many express that they would like to spend more time on sex. Read on and get inspired on how you can drag the time out during sex.

Keep your clothes on a little longer 

Sex is fast becoming a habit for most people. Therefore, it is a good idea to set up some obstacles when you need to learn something new. A pretty easy place to start might be to keep the clothes on a little longer. You can easily have sex and cuddle with clothes on. For example, vibrators are also effective on the outside of clothing on the whole body. If necessary, try giving your partner a sensory massage with a vibrator all over their body. This one is large and especially good to use on the outside of the clothes, or on top of a hand you move across the body.

Take a break

It can also be effective to take a break. Although it probably seems strange the first few times you do it. But try to stop before you get too close to climax. Go out and have a cup of coffee, or eat some fruit or something delicious. Then start over. Maybe you'll need to use a little extra lube, or a little extra time to get turned on again. But that's the point. And many experience more intense orgasms by dragging out the time. You can also tease the other a little, by taking breaks to stimulate places where it feels really good.

Change scenario or position

Do you always have sex in the same place? Maybe also in the same position? Or do you always end up in missionary or doggy style? Move from the bed to the sofa, or from the hallway to the kitchen. Maybe changing places also inspires a new position or play. Change in itself creates a little natural break. Remember that there are some who need a little extra lubrication when sex lasts longer. It's completely natural. You can prepare with one of these delicious lubricants, or read the article here about lubricants.

Use breathing actively

If your problem is that you are coming faster than you want to, breathing may be able to help you. When you experience that the orgasm begins to announce its arrival, start with some calm slow breaths. If necessary, slow down while stimulating, or try to take smaller breaks while focusing on breathing. It requires a little practice, but for many it prolongs the enjoyment, and it becomes easier to control when you want to come.

Have fun and don't forget!

Try to use the above as inspiration for how you can set up obstacles yourself, and prolong the enjoyment when you have sex. Or for that matter when having sex with yourself. And remember now: sex does not start and stop with an erect penis and an ejaculation - it's so much more.


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