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Your complete guide to using a butt plug

Are you curious about anal sex, and do you need a little inspiration for bringing it into the bedroom?

Then you're in the right place! I'll help you out with a few tips and tricks for anal play using butt plugs. Read more, and learn how to use a butt plug and how it can spice up your sex life. Towards the end, I'll present two excellent candidates you can bring home for a little fun under the covers.

Why butt plugs are the perfect anal toys

Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced user, a butt plug is an excellent toy that can enable new experiences and bring variety into your sex life. A butt plug is a nifty little toy that's easy for anyone to use anally- whether during solo play or with a partner. It's inserted into the anus, where it stimulates the many nerves in the rectum. The experienced can spice up their toys by trying new shapes, materials, sizes, and temperatures for delicious and sensational variations.

The path to a deeper orgasm

Anal sex is gender neutral and can create wonderful and titillating sexual experiences for everyone, as yet another erogenous zone comes into play and boosts the orgasmic experience. For people with a vulva, using butt plugs can be a cheeky and titillating experience, but they can also contribute to deeper vaginal orgasms, as they stimulate the nerves between the vaginal wall and the rectum. For people with a penis, butt plugs can contribute to a whole new orgasm, as they stimulate the prostate, which is located approximately 10 cm into the rectum and swells during sexual arousal.

The three golden rules

Remember lube!

  • Lube is essential for a good and safe experience with anal sex, as the rectum can't produce fluid like for example, the vagina. Therefore, it's important to remember plenty of lube to avoid pain during anal sex.
  • There are many lubes on the market, the most common being silicone or water-based lubes, which can be spiced up with taste, fragrance, cooling or warming effect. All of these are great to experiment with. The advantage of silicone-based lube is that it takes longer for the skin to absorb and stays moist for longer.
  • Avoid any lube with a numbing effect. These numb the area around and inside the anus, making it harder to feel and respond to pain.
  • Choose your lube based on the material of the toy. For example, a silicone toy doesn't work with silicone-based lube, as the lube can make the material dissolve.

Hygiene and cleanliness

  • Good hygiene is super important when adding toys to your sex life. Keep toys that have been in contact with the anus away from the vulva. There are many bacteria in the gut that have no place in the vagina.
  • Having said that, we need to talk about cleanliness. Many people are nervous about getting feces on their toys when pulling them out. For the toy, I recommend showering beforehand, to remove bad smells and clean the area around the anus with intimate wash. If you've been to the toilet before and feel emptied, there should be no feces left in the rectum, and you should be good to go! A butt plug usually isn't very long and doesn't reach the place in the intestine where the stool sits.
  • If you're experienced, you may be familiar with the so-called anal douche, where you rinse the rectum with water and clean the inside. The first time you try it, take your time and read the instructions.
  • Remember to clean your products thoroughly after use.

Common sense and communication

  • Always use your common sense when it comes to anal sex and the use of toys. The anus can form a vacuum and suck up whatever you insert. Therefore, it's important to have a stopper or safety ring at the end of the toy. This is there to keep the toy in place so that it doesn't disappear into the rectum. Only use approved anal toys. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the material is fit for this purpose.
  • Listen to your body, desire and limits, and always stop if you experience discomfort or pain. With anal sex, there's a risk of sex that the sphincter may pop or that you may get a scratch in the rectum. BUT! If you take precautions like using lube generously, performing the act at a calm pace, listening to your body and stopping if something hurts, it rarely goes wrong.
  • Communication with your partner is just as important for good and safe anal sex, and I'll go into more detail below.

How to use a butt plug

  • Start with foreplay. Anal sex is rarely nice if you dive straight in. Get yourself or each other nice and warm first. Arousal makes the experience all the naughtier, and it's easier to feel relaxed when the atmosphere is pleasant.
  • Apply lube, then slowly insert the toy. Try to relax, and take a few deep breaths. The muscles will loosen more easily.
  • A good position for anal play is on all fours, which you'll know from doggy style. You can also lie on your side or stomach to help your body relax. This position makes it easy for you or a partner to stimulate other erogenous zones during the act.
  • Squatting or riding a partner can be difficult, as the toys tend to slip out in these positions.

How to use a butt plug with a partner

If you're with a partner, communication and security are key to successful anal sex. It may be necessary to talk about anal sex many times before taking the plunge and doing it. The way forward is paved with small steps, so you don't cross anyone's boundaries. If you want your partner to be more open to anal play, it's first and foremost important to not push them into something they don't want to do.
Start by talking about the subject, communicating your desires or worries. If all partners involved are curious and interested in anal sex, you can start by touching each other's bodies in the bath and placing a finger outside the anus during intercourse. This will demystify the area and make you feel more at ease. Some people don't like the idea, and of course, this should always be respected! Others may be open to anal and want to experiment with it later. For some people, it can take a while to come around to the thought and another while still to actually do it. The most important thing is that you accept your own and other people's boundaries.

Many people consider it taboo to talk about hygiene and cleanliness, so it's important to talk about what's alright and what isn't and accept that bad luck can strike even if you prepare. If necessary, spend some time looking at toys together and reading some of the guides on to inspire and open the conversation.

Booty Call butt plug set - The perfect set for beginners

This butt plug set from Satisfyer is perfect for beginners, but the more experienced can enjoy it just as well. The pack consists of three beautiful butt plugs made with pliable and silky soft silicone, all with different shapes and beads to increase the size. All three plugs are equipped with a safety ring and are easy to clean. The set is available in black and in a pink color mix.
Dimensions: 13.5 cm / 13.5 cm / 14 cm long.
The diameter varies, but the max width is 3 cm.

Booty call butt plug set

Impressions and applications:

The Bootycall butt plug set comprises three beautiful and differently shaped butt plugs that offer ample opportunity for varied stimulation and size. The material is gorgeous, and you'll want to try out the different soft shapes immediately. I was particularly excited about the purple with its spiral-like design that doesn't look like a classic plug. I have to say that I was very positively surprised by how amazing and indescribably titillating it feels. The shapes and pliable material offer many possibilities for beginners as well as the more experienced. The large safety rings are not only practical, but can also provide additional stimulation if you, or your partner, tug them gently, titillating the inside.


  • Appealing look
  • Body-safe silicone material
  • Soft and pliable
  • Big safety rings that are easy to grip.
  • Different shapes offer great opportunity for variety
  • Easy to clean
  • 15-year warranty


  • Not fit for use with silicone-based lube

Glass butt plug - For the experienced user who wants a little temperature play

This beautiful butt plug from Gläs is handmade in borosilicate glass and perfect for temperature play. Borosilicate glass is chemical-resistant and can withstand changes in temperature.
Dimensions: 9 cm long
4.5 cm at the widest insertable point

Glass butt plug

Impressions and applications:

This beautiful product is made of golden glass, creating a gorgeous exterior with a nice weight to it. The butt plug has a good size that completely fills the anus. It can be tempered in cold or hot water, and whatever you choose, it creates a special feeling that's difficult to describe in any other way than simply WOOW! It's definitely something you should consider trying out as soon as you have the courage to do so. This butt plug requires a lot of foreplay and a good ability to relax the sphincter due to its width. Lube with a cooling/heating effect can be used to further support temperature play, but you can also heat and cool it using water. I would recommend using this butt plug in doggy style, as this position uses its weight to the fullest. This glass butt plug is perfect for those who want to step up their game and explore the sensations of heat and cold.
Remember lube, foreplay and of course, common sense in terms of temperature, and you're all set.


  • Body-safe material
  • Compatible for cold/heat play
  • Good weight
  • Can be used with all kinds of lube
  • Easy to clean
  • Shatterproof with a long shelf life
  • 5-year warranty


  • Suitable for experienced users, due to size, weight and solid shape.

These candidates are two products in a sea of anal sex toys. Among many other things, U recommend anal beads, a motorized butt plug or an aluminium butt plug.
With these naughty butt plugs in your basket, all there's left to say is: have fun! I hope this guide gave you some answers or inspired you to bark on an anal adventure, whether solo or with a partner.

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