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How to choose the right lube

Have you been considering if lube is something you could use, but aren't quite sure what the different kinds do? Maybe you are already familiar with the lubricating liquid, and just need a little refresher course? Read our guide and get a little wiser  

Like with sextoys, lubricant is also a pretty taboo subject. There are many myths about lubricant, which causes many to completely pass it by. One myth could be that if you are in a relationship and you use lube, you are failing, or one of the people in the relationship is doing something wrong. And if you are single you might think, what would I even use that for? This is where we would like to emphasize that using lubricant when you are with other people is not a defeat, and using lubricant alone is not unnecessary - lubricant is simply a tool to remove friction and enhance your own and others experience, nothing more, nothing less. 

Why use lube?

So what could the different reasons to use lubricant be? As you may know, people with a vulva are able to create their own lubricant when aroused, it's usually known as getting wet. But because it's so common to connect getting aroused with getting wet, it's very overlooked how normal it also is to not get wet, even if you are aroused. There could be many explanations for not getting all that wet, like: you are nervous, you take a contraceptive containing hormones (like the birth control pill), you have a lower level of estrogen in the body as a natural result of aging, or you are stressed. The explanations are many, but the solution is very simple: Lube!!

Dryness of the vagina is very rarely a sign of a more serious medical problem, but if you experience lasting discomfort or pain for an extended period of time, even when you don't have sex, but maybe just during movement, like taking a walk, you should consider consulting a doctor. It might be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. But again: dryness is very very rarely a sign of something that needs treatment, so don't panic if you don't get completely wet during sex. You likely won't be in doubt if the dryness is caused by something serious, as dryness as a result of a hormonal imbalance results in wounds and little cuts.

That being said, it should also be mentioned that lube is not something just reserved for people with a vulva. Lubricant is a great advantage, and almost a must-have according to us - it just makes everything slide a little easier!

Lubricant and analsex     

The anus does not create its own lubricant like the vagina can, so using lubricant protects both the anal canal from little scratches created by friction, but also gives a lovely, sliding experience for everyone involved. You must use a water based lubricant if you are using silicone toys for anal play, but if you are not using toys, we would recommend a silicone based lubricant for anal use. 

The different types of lube

Now that we know some different reasons to use it, we can discuss the different types to choose from. Lube can be based on different things, where water-, silicone-, and oil based lubricants are the most popular. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages you should know, before choosing the right one for you. 

Silicone based

Silicone based lube can be used with all kinds of condoms, is hypoallergenic, and great for those with sensitive intimate areas. This is because silicone based lubricant is great for longer sessions, as it doesn't get absorbed by the skin, and you therefore don't need to reapply it multiple times during sex. That makes silicone based lube perfect for anal sex, as it is so slippery and gives the anal canal exactly the lubricant it can't create itself. Of course you could also use water based lube for anal sex, but water based lube does have the disadvantage of being absorbed by the skin much faster, which means you "risk" having to reapply a few times. An important thing to note is that you cannot use silicone based lube with sextoys made from silicone, as it breaks down the surface of the toy. 

If you want to try silicone based lube, the classic überlube is a great choice, as it is without both taste and scent, as well as just being a very versatile lube. Use it during sex, in your hair for a little extra shine, or on the thighs, to avoid the uncomfortable chaffing you can experience during the summer, when your thighs are rubbing agains each other.  

Water based

Water based lubricant is known as the most versatile type of lube. This is because it can be used with all kinds of sextoys made from any kind of material, as well as all kinds of condoms. So, for example, if you have sex and use a sextoy made of silicone, water based lubricant is the ideal partner. Even though the use of lube is nothing to be ashamed about, it might still be something that takes a little getting used to before you feel completely comfortable. If that is the case, water based lube is the ideal choice, as it gives a very light (but still effective) lubrication. Another benefit of water based lube is also that it's very easy to wash off afterwards. We recommend the classic water based lube from System JO or this organic lube with aloe vera, that protects and repairs, as well as lubricates.  

Oil based lubricant 

Oil based lube is the most enduring kind of lube, and is absorbed at the slowest rate by the skin. That makes oil based lube, like silicone based lube, a very obvious choice for anal sex. But unlike silicone based lube, oil based lube cannot be used with condoms made of latex, as the oil will destroy the latex surface. Also, the fact that the oil is absorbed more slowly also means, that you need to be mindful of the type of oil the lubricant is made from. This is especially true when using it in or on the intimate areas, and not just for massage of the body, which oil based lube is actually great for. This is because oil based lube can be more difficult to wash off the body afterwards, and if the lube is based on synthetic oil, you risk disturbing the natural ph-balance which can lead to inflammation. 

This is especially true if you use a synthetic oil based lube for penetration of the vagina, as you risk trapping the lube in the vaginal canal, and having it sit up there for days, disturbing and creating inflammation and possibly thrush. So if you would like to try an oil based lube, make sure to choose one made from natural ingredients. This natural and vegan oil based lubricant from Viamax is a great option, as it is a gentle, but effective lube.      

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