• Toys for the Vulva

    The vulva can be stimulated in many ways and with a lot of different toys. The G-spot is for many undiscovered and stimulation of the clitoris can become monotonous. The head of the penis is very sensitive and therefore a source of great pleasure. Explore our wide range of different toys for vulvas of all sizes and shapes here.


      Regular price 390 DKK
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      CLAMY KLITORIS STIMULATORClamy - lille sød lyseblå vakuum klitoris vibrator stimulator fra peech oppefra
    • CORNY

      Regular price 399 DKK
      Regular price Sale price 399 DKK
      Corny vibrator fra Peech ståendeCorny vibrator fra Peech
    • TICKLY

      Regular price 199 DKK
      Regular price Sale price 199 DKK
      Tickly lille og prisvenlig genopladelig vibratorTICKLY

      Regular price 95 DKK
      Regular price Sale price 95 DKK
      Glide & slide neutral vandbaseret glidecreme fra peechSLide and glide glidecreme på hånd
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