5 erogene zoner (der ikke er kønsdele)

5 erogenous zoner (that aren't the genitals)

Would you like to rediscover your own or your partners body, without just doing what you usually do? In this article, 5 different erogenous zones are described. The erogenous zones can be pleasurable by themselves, or in combination with the touch of more familiar zones. Try something new and experience pleasure in a different way.

The neck

The neck can be a very sensitive spot. For some, touch the neck can be experienced as sensual or sexual. It could be a good point of departure for exploration. Try touching the neck gently with the tips of  the fingers, at the spot where the back meets the neck, all the way up to the little hairs. Follow the edge of the skull around the neck with the fingertips. You can also try kissing your partners neck. Try kissing the entire length and width of the neck. 

The ear

The ear is perhaps one of the more known erogenous zones. You can try nuzzling, kissing, or lightly biting the ear. Try slowly pulling a bit on the earlobe. The thing that can go wrong regarding the ears, is that it might not be very pleasant getting a tongue or spit into the ear. So stay away from the actual hole of the ear.

The armpit

The armpit is probably for the more adventurous, and maybe also the less squeamish people. But because the armpit rarely experiences touch, it might feel very intense getting touched exactly there. Explore the armpit with your fingers or the mouth. See if it feels good pulling a bit on the hairs, if there is hair in the armpit. If you have a penis or a dildo, you could also put lube into the armpit, lay the arm to the side, and then thrust into the armpit. Again, it might not be for everyone, but if you like it, knock yourself out...

Fingers and hands

Usually we use the fingers to touch things. But the fingers themselves, the palm of the hand and especially the inner part of the wrist can be very sensitive to the touch. Explore the hands in combination with oil or cream. You can also use your mouth to figure out what the fingers and hands like. 

The buttocks

We are getting a little closer to the genitals, but the buttocks themselves deserve a little extra attention. Don't miss out on this experience, just because there's something exciting right next to the bum. The buttocks both like getting stroked or lightly cuddled with the hands or mouth. Explore the entire area of the buttocks, and feel how the little hairs stand up. Take your time to explore starting from the thighs all the way up to the back. 

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