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Perhaps the original form of pleasure and self-love? We have gathered 12 great masturbation tips.

Why masturbate? (besides it feeling nice)

Stay safe. Stay home. That might be easier said than done. The skin hunger is palpable, and it can be difficult to relax. We're stressed, nervous and uncomfortable - but maybe it doesn't have to be that way. Lockdown and isolation may be the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself a little better.

Many experts believe that masturbation can reap emotional, physical and mental benefits. It can eliminate stress and fill your body and mind with painkilling endorphins, and on top of that, orgasms can release immune-boosting hormones into your body.

Orgasms release oxytocin, which has a calming effect and can lead to improved sleep, healthier skin and a long list of other benefits! If you're not convinced, we've compiled some great tips for you below.

1. Start with a relaxing and non-sexual activity

Get settled before you get started. It helps your body relax and helps ensure an intense and prolonged orgasm

  • Make a playlist. Music can help calm your body and mind. Find some music you feel comfortable with and can enjoy without having to concentrate.
  • Take a hot bath. Not only does it warm up your whole body, all the way to your fingertips, but a delicious soap and fragrant oils can have a relaxing effect on your body
  • Stretch it out. Yoga, pilates or regular stretching can help increase blood flow, boosting arousal and setting you up for a great orgasm

2. Set the sensual scene

Get in the mood. Start from the top by massaging your shoulders, hair and head. Run your hands down your chest, stomach and inner thighs, and start by stroking the space around your vulva on the outside of your clothes.

Start massaging the area over the vulva and move down towards the clitoris.

Moan and make some noise. It signals to your brain that you're elated. It may be new to you, but now is an excellent time to put all shame or guilt behind you.

3. Balance your breath and touch

Once you're sufficiently aroused, you can start massaging your clitoris. Start slowly and gently, and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths, and make sure you pull air all the way down into your lungs.

Many people forget to breathe during orgasms, which can limit their intensity. You need oxygen to achieve divine orgasms.

4. Choose your favorite erotic medium

Xconfessions from Erika Lust? Bedside productions? Maybe audio guides to orgasms or naughty stories? There are many ways to stimulate and visualize your fantasies.

6. Get comfortable

Relaxation is the key to good masturbation. Create a luxurious cave, where you can touch yourself. Use pillows and blankets to ensure maximum comfort and well-being. You may want to place a pillow under your buttocks to lift your hips and, by extension, your vulva. You can try out different positions like "the butterfly" or the "lotus position" and feel what each of them does for you.

7. Try touching yourself standing up

Although lying or seated masturbation comes naturally to most people, variety can be great. Different positions can be challenging, and the unfamiliar often seems exhilarating. Standing masturbation often provides better access to the vulva – try using a mirror while you're doing it.

8. Use a pillow

Squeezing the legs around a pillow in a v-shape increases friction between the legs, improving your pleasure. Squeeze your hand or a vibrator between the vulva and pillow, and rub back and forth while stimulating yourself.

9. Try lube

Many think of lube as a tool for couples, but lube can also add an amazing new layer to your masturbation. By massaging the vulva, front wall and perineum lube, you can stimulate blood flow.

10. Use a vibrator or a clitoris stimulator

If you haven't tried a vibrator or stimulator before, consider going for one with multiple strengths and patterns. Our KIP vibrator from Dame Products is a great place to start. With five vibration patterns and adjustable intensity, you're guaranteed to find an intensity that works for you. If this is your first time looking for a vibrator, we advise you to choose one that can be used both internally and externally, as well as in different positions. This way, you can figure out exactly where and how you achieve the most enjoyment.

One of our best-selling products is the clitoris stimulator from the Swedish brand LELO. An exciting toy that uses waves in different patterns to stimulate the clitoris and create great orgasms. An extremely intense toy.

11. Lie flat on your stomach

Place your hand between your legs while lying flat on your stomach on a mattress. Use either your fingers or a vibrator to massage your vulva.

When you lie flat on your stomach, fantasizing about someone under or on top of you is often easier and more vivid. In addition, you can use your body weight to press your hand harder against your clitoris.

12. Try the handheld showerhead

If you have a detachable showerhead, this can be an excellent tool for masturbation - you probably already know that. Water aimed directly at the area around the clitoris and directly on the clitoris can feel almost like a vibrator. If you're lucky enough to have a bathtub, try waterproof toys. Warm water and sensual aromas can help make you horny and set the perfect scene for solo play. Find all our products here, and read the description to see whether the toys are waterproof.

Why masturbate right now?

Masturbation teaches you about pleasure and improves your self-love and sex with other people. Masturbation can help break through taboos, expectations and prejudices, and it can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. Take care of yourselves!

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