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How do I give myself an erotic massage?

In this article, Molly Mørch guides you through a lovely erotic massage

Most people touch themselves the way they've always done. We tend to touch ourselves - and each other, for that matter - the way we're used to. It's not a sign of laziness but rather a question of our brains liking repetition. That's why we do it. But what would you do if you had to touch yourself in a different way? Read more and learn how to give yourself a pleasant erotic massage.

How to get started

An important part of giving yourself an erotic massage is to start with a nice, cozy atmosphere and to make sure that the surroundings inspire calm and enjoyment. You might put on some music that you like (preferably something that gives you a sense of peace), light a candle or make sure that you won't be interrupted. For many people, it's also important that the temperature's just right. If it's too cold in the room, it won't be nice. Before you get started, find everything you need. These could be things like:

The massage itself

One of the things that people tend to struggle with when giving themselves an erotic massage is how long they should spend on it. Try to set yourself a goal for how long you want to spend so you don't have to fall back into a pattern, where the goal is often to come as quickly as possible. It may be that 20 minutes is plenty to start with, but find a time interval that suits you. When I do erotic massage treatments, I always set aside an hour and a half, about half of which is the massage itself, and most people are surprised at how quickly time passes.

You can try to give the massage some sort of structure. You might start outside the genitals, for example massaging the inner thighs, abdomen or buttocks. If you struggle to keep time, put on some music and spend one song massaging each part. Spend one song on the right inner thigh and one on the left. Try varying how you use your hands. For example, you can use your whole hand (either flat or in a fist) to dive into the structures and massage the skin with your fingers. Start from the outside and work your way towards the genitals. If necessary, use oil or cream for lubrication. Then go to one of the external parts of your genitals, such as on top, where many people have hair. Play around and explore the area. Feel the different parts, how the bone feels under the skin, the skin itself, the hair and so on. Make fluid movements, zig-zag, move your hand in circles. Find out how slowly you can actually move your hands. Use oil or lube if you like. Take a few deep breaths while massaging yourself. If you like, you can use a mirror to watch. If you feel like using sex toys as part of your massage, you can do this too, but start with your hands.

Work your way through the different parts of your body, spending at least 2 minutes on each part, and remember to spend plenty of time exploring.


When you want to bring your massage to a close (whether you've had an orgasm or not), give yourself time to just lie down for a few minutes and notice how you feel in your body.

Have a great time!

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