På opdagelse i mellemkødet - hos dig der har en penis

Exploring the perineum - for those with a penis

In my work as a writer and therapist, I've spent a lot of time helping people with vulvas expanding their experience of the vulva, what it is and what the different parts can do. But, fair's fair... Those with a penis also have parts they may not have explored yet. And this article is about one of the more unexplored areas: the perineum. When you have read this article, you'll both know where it is and how you can derive pleasure from it. 

Where is the perineum located?

The perineum is the space right between the balls and the anus. So it's not a huge area. The skin on the perineum can be very sensitive and feel lovely when touched. But under the skin you'll actually find the very bottom part of the penis, located inside the body. See if it feels different when the penis is erect, compared to when it's not. The same lower part of the penis can also be reached from inside the anus, just past the sphincter. 

A slow start

Let your fingers slowly glide over the area. Maybe it's nice to gently stroke the perineum? You can also try gently pulling the hairs, if you have any hair there. If you have a partner, maybe you can get them to kiss and lick the area. When it comes to oral sex, people mostly focus on the penis, but the perineum and the inner thighs can feel so great when licked as well. If you don't have a partner, you can massage the area slowly with your fingers, preferably with a lot of lube.  

Good vibrations

You might not know it, but you can easily use a vibrator even if you don't have a clitoris. The vibrations can be especially great for exploring the perineum. The Pawny vibrator has a great size and lots of different settings too. You can also use it to explore the anus, as a lot of people have great success using a vibrator here. If you're more into a stationary buttplug that can also reach your perineum, Tilt is a nice option - it even comes with a heating function! For the ones that are just looking for full throttle on the good vibrations on the perineum, you should try Le Wand.     

The perineum as an added stimulus 

The perineum can also be used as a little extra spot to stimulate while doing other stuff. If you can reach it while have penetrative sex with a finger or a vibrator, it can really add some extra pleasure. For some, the orgasm feels different when you're simultaneously pressing down on the perineum. The sky's the limit.

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