Ideer til romantiske overraskelser

Ideas for romantic surprises

So you have a partner (or partners) and want to treat them to a romantic surprise - but where do you start? Read on for inspiration for romantic gifts

What is romantic?

What you consider romantic is very individual. What some think is super cheesy, others think is the sweetest, so there's not one right way to be romantic. However, most people are happy when they feel heard and seen. Maybe your partner has expressed something specific they want to experience or have, or maybe you know them well enough to know just what they need?

1. A different sex style.

      Maybe you always have fast, hard sex or conversely slow, soft sex. Maybe you always have some kind of foreplay that doesn't involve penetration, or you go straight for penetration. Either way, it might be nice to try the opposite of what you're doing right now. Maybe you discover new ways of being together, or you confirm that your current style is just perfect and lovely for you.

      If you need some inspiration for slow sex, read our guide here.

      2. Little love notes.

      Does your partner live somewhere where you can place and hide notes just for them? If so, try hiding little notes with loving words, compliments or whatever else comes to mind. You can either tell them you've hid notes in different places, or let them find them at random.

      3. A versatile vibrator.

      Corny is a cone-shaped vibrator with a grooved surface. With Corny, you can experiment with running it over sensitive areas, for example the perineum, clitoris or glans (tip of the penis). With a little lube, it can also be used as a vibrating dildo. Let your partner enjoy it alone, or use it together on each other.

      4. A picnic.

      It's always cute to have a little picnic. When the weather is nice, you can go to the woods, the beach or stay in town. When it's colder you can still have a picnic, just at home in the living room. Get out a blanket and a basket of your favorite foods, and treat your partner to an upgraded, romantic lunch.

      5. Invite them to a Peech event.

      We host events pretty often. Some are educational, for example our many talks with different exciting people, our Peechy Parties or workshops. Here, you and your partner can become wiser together and perhaps wiser about each other. Other events are entertaining, like our bingo and quiz nights. Here you can have fun and maybe win some prizes. Whichever event you choose, you're guaranteed a great time together.

      Follow our events here.

      6. A butt plug.

      Butt plugs may not scream romance, but maybe stronger orgasms do? A butt plug presses on the nerve endings in the anus, and can enhance an orgasm. With the Trainy butt plug set, you can start with the smallest version if you're not used to butt plugs, and then work your way up in size if you feel like it.

      7. A massage.

      It's simpel, but also a great way to connect. Slow down and light some candles to set the mood. Then invite your partner for a massage that isn't just 2 minutes of shoulder squeezing. With a little DUSK signature oil, you can start at the calves, then move up.

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