Hvad kan jeg give min kæreste i fødselsdagsgave?

What can I give my partner for their birthday?

If your partner has a birthday coming up and you haven't found the right gift yet, you can find inspiration in our little guide here

Gifts for your partner

As with any gift, the best gift is one that shows you're listening and understand your loved one's needs. But sometimes it can also be hard to know what your partner's needs are - especially if you want to give sex toys and you may not have talked about your sexual needs. If you don't want to spoil the surprise of giving sex toys as a gift, there are several ways to still find the right one. 

What do you want to try together?

One way to better understand what kind of sex toys your partner would like is to talk about things you like or want to try. When you start the conversation yourself and openly share about your desires, it may be easier for your partner to share too. Maybe you haven't tried anal sex or just stimulating the anus? 


Lubricant is good for many things, but especially when you want to stimulate the anus. The anus doesn't produce its own lubrication, and needs extra moisture - whether you're having penetrative anal sex or staying on the outside. Our water-based lube is light and non-sticky, and is great if you want to stay on the outside. For the longer rounds, a silicone-based lube may be better, as it doesn't get absorbed by the skin as quickly as water-based lube. Here, this Pjur silicone based lube could come in handy.  


A buttplug set

Once the lube is in place, a butt plug set in varying sizes might be in order - especially if you want to warm up for penetrative anal sex. You can start by massaging with the smallest size on the outside, then insert it when you feel ready.

But remember not to use silicone toys with silicone-based lube, as it breaks down the surface!


A small vibrator

A small vibrator like Pebble is especially good because it fits great in your hand and is easy to move around. You can use it to explore each other's erogenous zones and find out where the vibrations feel best. If you want to learn a bit more about erogenous zones, you can also read our guide here.

A vibrator can also be great for relaxing the anus. It can both loosen you up for penetrative anal sex, and just give a nice, vibrating massage on the outside.


A wand

If you like vibrations, a more powerful vibrator like this Cheeky Wand might also be good. It can be held against the anus, perineum or other erogenous zones, and give a nice massage. If you want to learn more about wands and how to choose the right one, you can also read our guide here.


What does your partner like?

Another way you can find out what your partner might want, is to look at what they already have or like. Maybe your partner has a vulva, and is fond of clitoral stimulation? 

A clitoris stimulator

The classic clitoris stimulator from Satisfyer is a great choice when it comes to clitoris stimulators. Stimulators work by emitting air waves from the small opening, and with this toy the silicone edge around the opening also vibrates! If your partner already has a Satisfyer and you want to to spoil them with something new, you can also check out the rest of our clitoris stimulator range here.

A vibrating penis ring      

Maybe your partner has a penis and has been introduced to penis rings before. But have they tried a vibrating penis ring? This vibrating penis ring from Satisfyer has 10 different vibration settings, and can stimulate both them and you with the powerful vibrations. Penis rings work by inhibiting the blood circulation, which can lead to stronger erections and more intense orgasms. When it vibrates at the same time, you get a really stimulating massage on top. Win win!

Bondage tape

If your partner likes bondage and power play, this bondage tape might be a good gift. You can use it to tie their wrists together and then tease each other. Here it is also great to bring in other sensual tools, like this feather tickler or this leather paddle. Alternate between the different sensations, like the stroke of a loving hand and then a little smack with the paddle.


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