Gaveguide til valentinsdag

Gift guide for Valentines day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and maybe you have a partner or partners you want to spoil? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself? If you need inspiration for things you can do or gifts you can give, read on. 

What can I give as a gift?

You don't have to give gifts on Valentine's Day, but it can be a sweet surprise for your partner(s). Flowers and favourite snacks are good suggestions, but there are also lots of sex toys you can give to delight your partner(s) 

A rose butt plug

Roses are a sure winner on Valentine's Day, but instead of saying it with flowers, you can say it with a butt plug. This butt plug with a rose-shaped end is the perfect romantic gift and also a great starter butt plug if you want to try anal sex. If you don't have a water-based lube, this is also a great extra gift to bring - the anus doesn't create its own lubrication like the vagina can, so a little extra moisture is needed.

If you haven't tried anal sex before, or you just want some advice on how to make it as pleasurable as possible, read our full guide here.

A penis sleeve

If your partner(s) has a penis and hasn't had the pleasure of a penis sleeve yet, it can be a really nice gift.

We sell many different kinds of sleeves, and common to them all is that they feel great on the penis. Pictured above is the 3D pile and Geo Aqua, which are penis sleeves with only one opening, which you can use on the tip of the penis. They are great to use on your own, but can also be used together. 

You can also get a penis sleeve that is open in both ends, like this one from Fleshlight, which can be used on the entire length of the penis. This makes it ideal for use during oral sex, where you can control the sleeve while giving oral.


A g-spot vibrator

Penny is a smaller vibrator that is perfect for G-spot massage. The curved and flexible head hits perfectly when you insert it (preferably with some water-based lube). G-spot orgasms can be a little harder to get than clitoral orgasms (though no orgasms are "easy"), but are described by some as deeper and more powerful. Therefore, if you or your partner(s) have not experienced a g-spot orgasm before, it may be a good gift. By the way, if you want to learn more about the different types of orgasms, and maybe get a little inspired to try a new one, you can read our guide here.

If you want to use the vibrator together, you can also explore other sensitive spots. For example, try holding it on the perineum, clitoris or anus.

A vibrator to use together 

A small, versatile vibrator is a great tool for exploring each other. While a g-spot vibrator like Penny can easily be used on any body and on places on the body other than just the g-spot, it's a little easier with a handheld vibrator like Pebble. Pebble lays firm in the hand, and is easy to glide over sensitive areas like the clitoris or the perineum. Plus, Pebble is completely waterproof, so you can take a romantic bath and use it on each other while you're at it. For some added luxury, start by soaping each other up with the sitre shower care gel and then bring in Pebble when the mood is right.



What can we do on Valentines day?

Besides giving a gift, or instead of giving one, you can give an experience, a date or something like it. 

A spaday at home

One idea could be to have a spa day at home and treat your partner(s) to a nice massage. Bring out the good towels, make some water with cucumber slices and then get out the good massage oil. A massage oil like this one from DUSK could be the perfect choice. The oil contains a blend of cold-pressed baobab, plum and rosehip oils that nourish and moisturise the skin. So not only are you giving your partner a relaxing massage, you're also strengthening and moisturising their skin at the same time. Sweet. If you need a little guidance to boost your massage skills, you can also read our guide to partner massage here.


A Peechy party

At a Peechy Party, we showcase a wide range of sex toys, so you can get a better overview of many of the lovely products available for your pleasure. We go through the history of sex toys, play little games and answer any questions you may have. You can also be guided on products you can use together or on each other, if you want great ideas for exploring new sensations together.

It's a safe, affordable and fun way to become more aware of the range of and how to use sex toys, so picking sex toys doesn't have to feel like a daunting or overwhelming task.

You can also see our other events in the event calendar here.

 peechy party dildo party i peechs eget tårn


A picnic 

Another date idea can be to have a picnic or a little trip to a new place. Find a map, close your eyes and place your finger somewhere random - if it makes sense distance-wise, you could try going there and exploring or just having a little picnic. Fill a bag with all your favourite foods, maybe a card game or two, and have a day just for you. February might not be the best month for an outdoor picnic, so bring warm clothes, or maybe keep it indoors.

Talk about and live out your fantasies 

Many people have sexual fantasies that for one reason or another they haven't lived out. Talking about your fantasies with others can be uncomfortable, and of course you shouldn't do it if you don't want to.

But sharing fantasies can also be a way to get closer to each other, while having the positive experience that your fantasies are neither wrong nor shameful - maybe your partner(s) even have the same fantasies. Be prepared for your partner(s) not sharing the same fantasy, and don't try to persuade them if they're not into it.

Instead, try to find a common ground for what you fantasise about and take it from there. This is where these dice can be a good help, as what the dice land on can be the starting point for your talk. To learn more about sexual fantasies and how to talk about them, read our guide here.



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