En aften i swingerklub

An evening at the swinger club

About an evening in a swinger club

My name is Line, I am 25 years old and I have been in the swinger environment for a year and a half.

I almost always have a tingling feeling in my stomach on my the way to a club. I tingle with the hope of something naughty, thoughts of what I want to do that night and just excitement in my stomach. I arrive and the hostess greets me in the lobby. I take off my clothes and, for the occasion, have chosen to wear a red lingerie set that makes me feel nice, naughty and a bit innocent. I don't have any arranged meetings with anyone, so I see what the options are at the club, and see if there's anything that can lure the innocent out of me.

I walk around the club, as I usually do, to see who's there, how many people are there and what they might be doing. There aren't that many in the bar, but up on the first floor there are various people doing something naughty. A couple is kissing in the large open space on the first floor, a woman is lying on a bench while a man is taking good care of the woman's lower area with his mouth. I stand and watch the woman's pleasure and am captivated by their energy. I make eye contact with the man and smile at him. After watching them for a while, I decide to see what else is going on in the club.

After a tour of the house, nothing else has caught my attention, but I thought the couple on the first floor were just too damn naughty. So I go upstairs again, the man meets my gaze and smiles and now the woman is looking at me too. The man leads the woman to the floor, stands behind her and asks me to join him. I nod and smile and walk over to them. I tell them that I am new to the environment, but that I think they are hot. They smile and say we'll just take it slow.

The man and I start by kissing the woman on her body. Our eyes meet and she smiles at me. I kiss the woman on the mouth, while the man still indulges her body with kisses and touches. She takes me by the hand and leads me over to the tray on which she was previously pampered on. I lie down and they now start touching and kissing my body. She fondles my breasts while touching my legs. Her gaze meets mine and I sense our energy meeting. We start breathing in the same way, the same rhythm, and our gaze becomes more and more intense. I can feel the energy gathering in my body and can feel my pelvic area contracting, despite no one touching it.

I have my first orgasm from energy and not from touching my lower area - it felt crazy and I'm a bit flustered because I haven't tried or heard of anything like this before. As I look around I now see that there are 15 people around us and quite a few are masturbating. This brings me back to reality and I can feel that I need to go rest, so I say thanks for the experience and go down to the bar to get a drink. After a while the couple comes down and asks if I'm okay, which I say I am, but that it was just overwhelming. I don't play with the couple again that day.

But I don't see anyone else in the club I want to do naughty things with, so I end the night masturbating in the club's cinema, where porn is being shown.

Since then, I've discovered the many different ways I can orgasm from, from touch, energies, sounds, etc. And have found out that my secret behind it is to put the contents of my head in the closet, where I also put my clothes.

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