Fem gode grunde til at blive forkælet af årets mest sexede julekalender

Five reasons to pamper yourself with this year's sexiest advent calendar

Peech is here for you - as always - and this year we have something special for you in December. With Christmas in mind, Peech will make your December extra naughty. In the dark of winter, Peech's Christmas calendar will brighten up your everyday life and keep you warm under the covers instead of stressing around Magasin.

Spoil your loved ones with an Advent Calendar from Peech

Once again, Peech has molded together its own Advent calendar. There are three pieces to choose from. Pamper someone you care about or pamper yourself. Peech has selected large and small products in three packages, which make your December extra naughty and full of love.

Christmas is not just Christmas stress, Christmas food and Christmas markets. It is important to also remember the self-love, your partner and the creative gift ideas (like sex toys ;-)). Here, Peech has provided some good reasons why you should buy the calendar for yourself or someone you care about.

1. Christmas is a big holiday for get-togethers, but you still need evenings alone at home under the duvet with your sex toys and a cup of hot cocoa.

2. You love your workplace, your family, your friends and you are once again invited to Christmas lunch, but do not know what to buy as a prize for the various Christmas games. If you have generous hopes for your December, you can spice things up and contribute to the games with a sex toy (unused of course!) from your Christmas calendar.

3. Your partner owns everything and refuses to write a wish list. That is the ultimate challenge, but again, we must recognize that everyone can use something from Peech.

4. You have been extra stressed up until Christmas and have a hard time finding reasons to stay home and take a break from the holiday commotion. But if you make an appointment with yourself and your new gift from Peech Christmas calendar, then you have good reason to stay home.

5. Christmas may well become a big race of expectations between you and your partner. Maybe you tend to forget "The naughty stuff" and spend the evening with Christmas fudge and Christmas movies (which also has its perks). But with the Peech Christmas calendar, maybe it'll be easier to pack the Christmas candy away?

There are so many great reasons to buy an Advent calendar from Peech; Whether you need to spice up the Christmas mood a bit, be extra loving for yourself or your partner or you are in need of a great gift idea. So here at Peech, we believe that by being pampered with a naughty gift every Sunday in Advent, you will have an extra good December this year.

And remember Christmas is all about love. Love for yourself, for your partner or someone close to you. Peech wishes you all a wonderful, peaceful and naughty December.

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