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    Experience perhaps the worlds most mixed orgasm with Snail Vibe, a revolutionary and innovative sextoy. Snail Vibe combines the dual stimulation of a rabbit, the penetration depth of a dildo and the vibrating force of a wand into one crazy vibrator, guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun. 

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G-spot stimulation 

Snail Vibe can give you a vibrating massage, both internally and externally, thanks to its innovative shape, allowing it rock back and forth. The vibrations in the head, which you can use for an orgasmic clitoral stimulation, are two times as powerful as the shaft, which you can insert and penetrate with. By inserting it like this, you'll get a powerful clitoral stimulation while simultaneously massaging the area known as the G-spot. 

Even though there's still a lot of debate about the spot, many believe that the G-spot is actually the backside of the clitoris. The clitoris consists of the little visible nub, but also has arms, which stretches into the pelvis. For that reason, many believe that the G-spot is actually these clitoris arms, and not a separate spot or organ. 

You can find the spot by making a little hook with your finger, as the spot is usually located a couple of centimeters in, in the direction of the pubic bone. You can also try our large collection of sextoys specifically targeted the area. If you haven't experimented with G-spot stimulation yet or would like to try a G-spot orgasm, you can also read more in our guide here. 

You should also note that G-spot massage and stimulation can give you the feeling of needing to pee, without necessarily having to pee. The feeling arises when you tighten your pelvis, so try relaxing as much as possible. A great way to learn how to properly relax your pelvis, is actually by training it, which you can read more about in our guide here.            

Need a simple guide to masturbation after that overload of information? Read our simple guide to masturbation for people with vulvas here. 

Many vibrators in one

Snail Vibe combines the vibrating force of a wand, the insertion depth of a dildo and the dual stimulation of a rabbit into one, wild sextoy. At Peech you can find a great collection of sextoys from the same categories, however none can brag about having all three functions at the same time. 

Try our large collection of wands, where you can find anything from vibrating to non-vibrating, curvy or straight, or maybe try out the many different materials, like stone, crystal, metal or silicone. The wand function of the Snail Vibe vibrator is meant for external stimulation, but you can also find wands at Peech meant for both internal or external stimulation - Base Wand is a great and popular option in this dual category.

Also, did you know that you can get wands made specifically for people with penises? One example is the Penis Wand, which can stimulate anything from the tip of the penis, down to the shaft or scrotum. Read more about penis wands in our guide here. 

You should also check out our large collection of dildos. Choose between materials like silicone, rock, glas or metal, with many different, stimulating surfaces. For example, try out this nubby glassdildo from Gläs, which will provide you with an intense and different sensation when using it internally. Use it with a nice lube for the greatest experience, for instance a siliconebased lube, which will last longer during use than a waterbased lube. Read more about choosing the right dildo in our guide here. 

Did you know that sextoys made from borosilicate glass can handle large changes in temperature, meaning they can be cooled down or heated up? Perfect for temperaturplay! Read our guide to temperaturplay for more tips and tricks to getting started. 

The last category is the rabbit vibrator, which has the power to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. While Snail Vibe is able to stimulate the clitoris and simultaneously penetrate by thrusting it back and forth, a classic rabbit vibrator can either be inserted while giving a vibrating massage of the clitoris or simply be used as a dildo to thrust with, thus missing the little vibrating rabbit-part for the clitoris. 

If you're looking for a simple walkthrough of the different vibrator types, check out our guide here.