Organisationer der tilbyder gratis eller billig psykolog hjælp

Organisations that offer free or very cheap therapy

Psychological help can be expensive and therefore unmanageable. If you are feeling unwell, it is important to seek help and talk to someone (remember that the recipient must also have the mental capacity to listen). We have put together various free and physical offers for conversational or psychological help.

LGBT + Counselling

LGBT + offers counselling in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. Among other things, they can help with questions, and talk about gender, body and sexuality, in a confidential and safe space. All advice is free.


Headspace is a youth organization with offers for everyone up to 25 years old. Headspace has 26 locations throughout Denmark. And the conversations can be about anything. The calls are free.


Ungterapi is a community of young psychologists who want to help other adolescents. The concept is from youth to youth, and therefore the conversations are informal and relaxed and the prices are very low so that everyone has the opportunity to get help.

Private psychological help

This fall, the government has introduced free psychological help for young people between the ages of 18-24 who suffer from anxiety or depression. The first step is to seek medical attention and get a referral. Your doctor can help you find psychologists near you.


Girltalk is a non-profit organization that helps young people up to 24 years old. They want to prevent dissatisfaction and strengthen young people's self-esteem. Through free chat and text counselling, conversation groups and psychologist conversations, you can get help.

Student counselling

Student counselling is free social and psychological help. They are available to anyone in higher education. They offer individual and group conversations. The offer is free.

Elena Leah psychologist

Elena Leah is a psychologist and in her practice there are 3 young psychologists specializing in youth life. They offers free talks, where you can see if you and the psychologist have chemistry, and then they prioritise that you can get an appointment within a week.

During autumn, an increasing amount of people need a psychologist, but it can be difficult to find out which psychologist to go to❤️ Check out their website for more info;

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