S3xy shortcuts – your digital d1ck-tionary

S3xy shortcuts - your digital d1ck-tionary

Peech launches s3xy shortcuts!

Ever since we started Peech, it's been a challenge for us to communicate openly and honestly about s3x on social media without risking being shadowbanned. We haven't been able to use words like s3x, p3nis or vulv4 without having to censor ourselves by replacing certain letters with numbers, and we've repeatedly experienced being shadowbanned on various words, which has led to reduced exposure and radically lower engagement for long periods of time.

So now we're taking matters into our own hands and reclaiming the language back from Big Tech with the launch of s3xy shortcuts! S3xy shortcuts is a simple open-source tool for anyone who regularly communicates about sex in a professional context, but doesn't want to be shadowbanned.

How to use s3xy shortcuts

  1. Download the file here
  2. Open 'system settings'
  3. Select 'keyboard'
  4. Find 'text'
  5. Drag the file into the text field

Now s3xy shortcuts should be integrated on all your IOS devices, and no more worrying about overlooking a forbidden word and risking shadowbanning <3

NOTE: S3xy shortcuts only work on IOS devices for now. We hope to launch for Android as soon as possible.

Read more about what shadowbanning is here.

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