Penetrerende analsex


Curious to try analsex? Or maybe you tried it, but it didn't go so well? Then read our beginners guide, or get some inspiration to analsex. Because if you have watched just a little bit of porn, you're unlikely to have missed it. While it was out of the ordinary or something reserved only for homosexual men 30 years ago, analsex has moved up on the agenda. And the great think about analsex is that everyone has an asshole <3  

Why is it great?

Analsex is great because, amongst other things, there are a lot of nerve endings in and around the anus. Some other places where a lot of nerve endings are bundled together is in the clitoris or on the tip on the penis, the glans. So one of the main reasons analsex feels so great is because we're very sensitive "back there"

Warm up, warm up, warm up

The main reason analsex can go wrong is if you're moving too fast too soon. Especially if it's your first time, it's really important to warm up. It can feel a little too much, just putting something in your anus right away. Instead, you should try massaging around the anus with a little oil or lubricant. The buttocks and the perineum can also be erogenous zones which you should not overlook. So start from the outside and work your way in. Before the actual penetration it can be a good idea to massage the anus directly, but slowly. If you want you can use a glove, so the fingers feel even smoother. 

Remember the lube!

Its important to remember the lube before engaging in anal sex. The mucus membranes in the anus are very delicate, and it can be painful if everything doesn't just slide. There are many different types of lube, and it's often a matter of personal preference. This one can be used both with condoms and sex toys, so it's a great place to start. 

Size does matter!

If you're just getting started with analsex, it can be a good idea to start small. Especially if you're a little tense or nervous, a finger is a good way to start. There are also a lot of dildos that are not too large. It is definitely preferable to start small, and later size up if you're up for it.      

To douche or not to douche

That is the question. As soon as people start talking about analsex, a lot of people start wondering about the risk of poop. And yes, there is a risk. But if you maintain a completely regular, fibrous diet with regular bowel movements, there shouldn't be any excrement at the bottom of the colon where the analsex is happening. Some people do prefer flushing the anal cavity through before, and that is fine, but there is a risk of flushing too much, or pushing water too far up (suddenly the day is spent colon cleansing...). If you want to flush, try using this anal douche with a little lukewarm water a few times, or simply use a condom.  

Please don't double-dip...

As the case is for sharing fries with someone else, the best idea is to not double-dip. If something has been in the anus and you wish to stick it in the mouth or the vagina, please wash it first. No matter how much you flush, there simply just are bacteria in the anus that can give some really nasty experiences if spread to other places. You can also consider using a condom on the dildo or whatever you're using. Safety first folks!

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