Sex i badet

Sex in the bath

Do you know the feeling? You come home tired and a dirtyafter a whole working day, and feel like a little intimacy but at the same time, you're exhausted. Why not combine a nice hot bath with extra wet sex? Read on and get inspired on how you yourself, or together with a partner, can have great sex in the bath.

Shower or bathtub?

There are pros and cons to both. In the tub you can float and slide a little more, but the space is usually cramped. Excessive movements can also result in high waves and floods… However, the bathtub provides the opportunity to experience a whole new side of some of your sex toys, for example the little Sona Sonic where the waves feel completely different. In the shower, on the other hand, you can get up, and there may be a little better space (if you are lucky). For the most part, however, you do not have several different bathing options, but maybe that should be considered the next time you book a hotel for your holiday?

Sex with yourself in the bath

Sex in the bath does not have to be with a partner. There are many opportunities to have sex with yourself as well. You can test whether the the shower head does something for you. For some it feels amazingly nice, while for others it is too hard or too soft. But you can also take your sex toy with you in the bath. A dildo with a suction cup (this confetti variant is simply too cute) allows you to have sex with yourself without using your hands. It can be a pretty amazing feeling. Of course, it is also possible to use, for example, a Geo Coral to stimulate the penis, or your favorite vibrator (as long as it is waterproof).

Sex with a partner in the bath 

You do not have to agree in advance that the bath will lead to sex. Taking a bath together in itself can be cozy and intimate. You can wash each other and soap each other in, or maybe use a mild scrub on each other so that all the nerve endings in the skin of the body are awakened. New situations also often call for new positions, so play around with what suits your bodies. The bath can also be a great place to explore oral sex, for those who prefer everything to be freshly washed.

Don't forget lube!

One should think that the water made it all slip. But when it comes to mucous membranes, water can sometimes have the opposite effect. Use a lubricant that is silicone or oil based to optimize the feeling.

Careful not to slip!

A little note of caution in conclusion. Be careful that lovely sex is not transformed into a bad fall and a trip to the emergency room. Tiles are already slippery if, for example there is soap residue or something else on them. When you add a little lube it can become a dangerous cocktail. Place a towel or bath mat in the bottom of the bath (without covering the drain) so you do not slip.

Have a great time!

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