Stillinger til at stimulere prostata

Positions to stimulate the prostate

The prostate is sometimes referred to as people with penises' G-spot, and stimulating the spot can lead to deep, intense orgasms. In this guide you can read about positions to reach and stimulate the prostate 

Before we get started, we should establish what the prostate even is. You should give our guide to the prostate orgasm a read, where you can learn more about the prostate and the type of orgasm you can experience. But long story short, the prostate is a type of gland people with penises typically have. The gland is located a few centimeters inside the anus in the direction towards the stomach, and is filled with nerve endings, making it very sensitive to stimulation. 

You can stimulate the prostate both internally or externally. It's a good idea to start on the outside as it will relax the anus and sphincter, making you ready for internal massage. You can stimulate the prostate from the outside by gently pressing on the perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum. Use a nice and durable lube, like this non-sticky waterbased one, for a more pleasurable massage. The anus can't create lubrication like the vagina can, so lube is always a must for penetrative analsex - and also, everything just feels better with lube. You should also note that prostate massage can give the sensation of having to pee, without necessarily having to pee, so make sure to visit the bathroom before starting.

Now you're almost ready for the massage. Depending on who's giving the massage, make sure your or your partners nails are nice and clipped. Then, gently press a fingertip or two flat against the perineum. With variating force and circular motions they should move their fingers around, guided by you, until they hit a spot that feels great. Keep going like that, or change between massage the perineum and the opening of the anus. The more you massage and relax, the more the sphincter will relax, making you ready for penetration. You can also try taking a deep breath and gently sigh when exhaling - this relaxes the pelvis, thus relaxing the anus. When you're ready, there are a number of positions to try:


The classic missionary is great in many cases - also when it comes to prostate stimulation. A lot of penises are bent slightly upwards when erect, which is the perfect curve to hit the prostate from the missionary position. That's because the prostate, when you're lying on your back, will be located in a way that if you inserted your finger and bent it in an enticing "come here" movement out towards the stomach, it's right there. If your partners penis is not bent upwards, don't worry, the prostate can still be stimulated from the missionary position, or your can try one of the other positions.

The missionary position is great for both slowing down or speeding up, depending on what you want. If your want it intimate, slow down and lie close. If you want it more intense, try resting your legs on your partners shoulders. This can give a very deep penetration, which can be a little too much for some. If your partner is going too deep, speak up, sex is not supposed to be painful. If you generally find penetration to feel too deep, or if you would like to gradually warm up to penetrating anal sex, the OhNut bufferrings are perfect. You simply place however many rings you want around the base of your partners penis, and then they work as a little backstop. 


Another classic, but less intimate than the missionary position. Here, the ideal angle when penetrating is 15 degrees in the direction down towards the person being penetrated's bellybutton. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, and all it really means is that your partners penis (or a strap-on) should be pointed a little downwards for the most optimal stimulation. You can achieve this by having your partner bend one knee, instead of having both knees resting on the bed/floor/wherever you are. As long as you're able to relax your anus, this position is great for prostate stimulation.

On top

When you're on top it's easier to control the penetration, and by rearranging the position of your legs, you can control the speed and depth. Try changing between sitting on your knees and moving up and down, or get up in a squat position for a deep and intense penetration. 

Some also think it's easier to stimulate the prostate if your partners legs are lying flat, instead of a half sitting, half lying down position. It might have something to do with the curve of the penis, but experiment with whatever feels the best.    

On your side

A real intimate position, especially because you can lie close and hug a little. When you're the little spoon, try lying with your legs together or lift one leg over your partner. The position is also great for exploring the erogenous zones like the neck, the ears or the nipples. 

When you're lying on your side, it's also easy to glide over into a doggy-like position. Place a pillow underneath your hips to make penetration easier for your partner. This position is also great for hitting the prostate. 

The most important thing to do when trying prostate massage and penetrating anal sex, is to just have fun with it. The prostate orgasm, or any other sort of orgasm, doesn't have to be the goal of sex. Instead, it could be the intimacy of giving and receiving perineum massage, or some nice, tender eye contact during a slow missionary.       

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