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The complete guide to vibrators

These days, there's an array of vibrators to choose from, and it can be difficult to navigate. We have created this guide to help you step safely into a world of enjoyment where everything is about your body.

The first vibrator was sold as a regular massager named The Magic Wand way back in the 70s. This is the reason wands have become their own subcategory of vibrators.

How do you use a vibrator?

There are no hard and fast rules, so you're free to use your vibrator as you like. Some are designed to do something specific, so it's a good idea to check which vibrator is right for you. A vibrator can feel great on the erogenous zones like the clitoris, penis, anus and nipples, but you can use it wherever you want. You can keep it still or move it around in a pattern near your chosen spot. Some can also be used internally, but remember to keep a firm grip on it, so that it doesn't suddenly slip away.

Rabbit? Bullet? Wand? Vacuum vibrator?

We understand if the selection can be a little confusing, but honestly, the many headlines should put your mind at ease. We live in a golden age of vibrators, and there are so many different ones out there that it can be difficult for manufacturers to keep up. So, there's definitely one that's right for you. You can start by taking a look at our list at the bottom of this article. It lists the well-known options and gives you an idea of what there is to choose from.

Get to know your body

Start with yourself. Everything is ultimately about your own desires and preferences, so our best advice to anyone starting out is to get to know your sexual self. What turns you on? How do you like to touch yourself/be touched? What areas of your body are your go-to zones when you need to treat yourself? Your path to good sex starts with being honest about yourself and your desires. Once you get here, a world of opportunity lies at your feet. Remember, if you've thought about it, there's a good chance others have thought about it too.

Orgasms should be a human right

Some have a difficult time achieving orgasm, and a vibrator can be incredibly helpful if that's the case. Don't worry if penetrative sex isn't enough, because you're not alone. The orgasm is one of the wonders and great mysteries of the world, and no one understands everything about what makes a good orgasm. For some, sexual stimulation without orgasm is enough. However, we want to give everyone the chance to experience the amazing contraction of all the muscles in the body while the feeling of pure ecstasy lets you forget your worries for a while.

Make it a pleasant and complete experience

Using vibrators is about treating yourself or your partner(s). If you're on your own and just need to unwind completely, then do something special with your session. You can set the mood with lights, aromas, music, a tub or whatever you would like. You can just touch yourself with your hands first, and when you're ready, grab your vibrator. If you're with a partner, you can use it either on yourself or your partner - as part of the foreplay, but certainly also as part of the act itself. Stimulating your favorite spot with a vibrator during sex can feel incredible.

Whether you're alone or with others, lube is always a good idea. It makes the vibrator slide easily along the skin, eliminating a simple but frustrating obstacle. There's nothing worse than being pulled out of the mood because your vibrator isn't working with you. It's important to get the practical things out of the way, so you can focus all your attention on the act and the enjoyment.

Lube and cleaners

We generally recommend using water-based lube, but this is especially true when you're using a vibrator because many of them are made of silicone. Remember to choose a product that you're comfortable with just like with everything else you apply or put in your body.

Organic lube from system jo

Organic Lube from SystemJo.

When you're done, clean your vibrator with a good cleaner and a little disinfectant spray. Remember to check if your vibrator is waterproof. A vibrator can last a long time if you take good care of it.

A good cleanser is gentle but cleans your toys thoroughly. An advantage of foam cleaners is that you don't have to use much, so they often last a little longer.

Foamy toy cleaner from system jo

Frothy toy cleaner from SystemJo.

3 great tips for using a vibrator during sex

1) Try using your vibrator on yourself in front of your partner as part of the foreplay. It's hugely titillating and a massive tease to have someone watch you.

2) Use a vibrator on your partner while you give oral sex. For example, you can use it on the perineum, anus or put it on your cheek while your mouth does the rest

3) Find the right position. It can be hard to use your vibrator in missionary, as there isn't much space to bring the vibrator into play. Try using the vibrator on your clitoris while your partner takes you from behind with their penis, finger or a doggy-style dildo. If you lift your upper leg onto your partner's shoulder, so you have space to bring the vibrator down to the vagina, this also works while you're spooning

Which vibrator should I choose?

We've made a list of the most well-known vibrators. If you don't know which vibrator you'd like, it's worth checking out.


We mentioned wands at the top. They often have a big and long grip, making them easy to operate. Wands are often quite powerful, but it's also possible to start with low intensity. The head is often movable, so it's easy to hit the spot, wherever that is for you.

Ollie wand vibrator from unbound babes

Ollie from Unbound Babes. The sure bet if you want something that just works

For the clitoris

There are many small and handy vibrators out there, designed to stimulate the clitoris. Their designs and vibration patterns are tailored to their purpose. However, they can also be used elsewhere on the body, so it's entirely up to you how you want to use tem.

Mini vibrator from Iroha By TengaMini Vibrator from Iroha By Tenga. Cute little vibrator with a colorful top. Perfect for beginners.

For the G-spot

Some vibrators can be inserted like a dildo, and these create an incredible opportunity for intense orgasms. The shape is often curved, so it faces the genital bone and G-spot when inserted These vibrators are great because they double as a dildo and a vibrator.

Arc g-spot vibrator from dame productsArc from Dame Products. Ingenious design with the manufacturer's strongest motor yet.


If you want to experience simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, the rabbit vibrator is brilliant. It's like a G-spot vibrator, but with an extra part specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris while inserted. Some models have motors that can be controlled separately, so you can set them to use different vibration patterns on the clitoris and G-spot respectively.

Lea rabbit vibrator from feelztoys

LEA from FeelzToys. Award-winning rabbit vibrator with two motors and several vibration patterns.


A bullet vibrator is very small. In fact, it's so small that you can hide it in the palm of your hand – but don't let the looks fool you. They're often quite powerful, their size considered, and they're perfect for carrying around.

Zee - Small and practical bullet vibrator from dame productsZee from Dame Products. Travel friendly and flexible with three speed settings.

Finger vibrator

These vibrators can be placed on your fingers, so you don't have to hold onto them when used. They're great because they don't slip out of your grip, giving you complete control. A finger vibrator provides flexibility during intercourse because it's locked and loaded on your fingers.

Fine finger vibrator from dame products


Vacuum, pressure waves and sound waves. Some stimulators don't vibrate at all but use completely different technologies to stimulate the erogenous zones. Some of them are so innovative and well designed, they can mimic the fingers, tongue or mouth. One of the advantages of this type of stimulation is that you're less likely to overstimulate your clitoris. But we think you should try them because the feeling is completely different, and they can bring you to climax in a new and exciting way.

Puff clitoris stimulator from unbound productsPuff from Unbound Babes. The most beautiful vacuum vibrator in the world.

Vibrator + Stimulator

If you find stimulators interesting but you're not sure you want to choose a vacuum vibrator over a regular one, we have some wisdom to impart. Some models feature both pressure-wave technology and a vibration motor. You can get the best of both worlds without compromising.

Dual love stimulator and vibrator from satisfyerDual Love from Satisfyer. The silicone head caters to your favorite spot, and the handle can be inserted.

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