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The big guide to vacuum vibrators

The clitoris is one of the most important organs when it comes to sexual stimulation. It has the largest number of nerve endings in the human body, and studies suggest that it may be the only way for people with a vagina to reach orgasm.

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How to use a vacuum vibrator

The clitoris has outer parts, but most of it is located inside the pelvis. During sexual arousal and stimulation, blood flows to the clitoris and labia minora, which are the inner lips of the vulva.

This extra blood flow makes the clitoris extremely sensitive. Through continued stimulation, a person with a clitoris may experience orgasm.

Vacuum vibrators especially help people achieve amazing clitoral orgasms. They create pleasant airwaves and pressure around the clitoris, increasing blood flow to the spot. With prolonged stimulation, most people can achieve a clitoral orgasm.

Why do we love these stimulators so much?

A clitoral orgasm is lovely, and it's one of the most common orgasms for someone with a vulva to reach.

Sex toys for clitoral stimulation can simulate the feeling of someone else's mouth creating pressure around the clitoris. Some users compare the feeling to oral sex. The stimulator creates a vacuum that many users consider the right amount of stimulation, and it hits the spot.

Because they're designed to surround the clitoris, suction toys have a different feel compared to vibrators. Vibrators stimulate the tip of the clitoris, which some people experience as the most sensitive part. Many people may even experience this concentrated vibration as overwhelming and sometimes unpleasant.

Vacuum vibrators surround the clitoris and provide a deeper stimulation of the outer part of the clitoris that feels more lifelike and pleasant. They also pass stimulating sound waves through the entire organ, i.e., the inner and non-visible parts of the clitoris.

How to use a vacuum vibrator for the first time

Vacuum vibrators are completely safe to use. They can even help relieve the clitoris if the vibrations are too many or too strong. It's important to read the instructions carefully and know how to reduce the intensity if necessary.

Vacuum vibrators can be used alone and during sex with partner(s). If you have a vulva, you can use the vibrator during both penetrative and non-penetrative sex.

Remember to clean and use lube!

Lube can make the experience more intense and enjoyable. Especially if you use a warming lube or an extra stimulating clitoral balm.

Our favorites

The classic one

Satisfyer's success story began with a product the world had been waiting for. In 2016, the revolutionary Satisfyer Pro 2 joined the frontlines of the sexual well-being revolution. With its Air Pulse technology and touchless clitoral pressure-wave stimulation, the Pro 2 remains an international bestseller that pleases people around the world.

Satisfyer pro 2nd generation

Du kan se den her!

The modern one

After Satisfyer's massive success with Pro 2, they launched the Pro 2 3rd generation which is an upgraded version of their previous bestseller. It adds vibration to the classic experience with their Air-Pulse technology. The skin-friendly silicone ring delivers a gentle vibrating pressure that softly envelops and caresses your clitoris.

Satisfyer pro 2 third generation

You can see it here!

Rabbit vibrator with stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot

Pro + G-Spot is specially developed to provide double stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. The flexible vibrating rabbit vibrator shapes itself to your curves and massages your G-spot with its soft end, while air impulses envelop and stimulate your clitoris.

Pro + clitoris and g-spot vibrator from satisfyer

Find Pro + here!

The affordable one

Satisfyer Next Generation is the ideal beginner stimulator. Number 2 provides clitoral contactless stimulation via pressure waves so you can find out if clitoral vibrators are for you. In addition, with the removable batteries, it is an ideal travel companion. Elegant and efficient!

Satisfyer 2 next generation sonic clitoris vibrator

Find your Next generator here!

The multipurpose one

Dual pleasure vibratoren definitely lives up to its name - double the pleasure and double the fun!

The minimalist design is beautiful and ergonomic. The curve and length are ideal for reaching the g-spot. The head emits sonic waves, which stimulate the outer and inner clitoris. The feeling is similar to oral sex.

Connect Dual Pleasure to the Satisfyer app, and let the vibrator take you to a whole new level of enjoyment and stimulation!

Double pleasure clitoris stimulator from satisfyer in muave

Find your dual pleasure here!

The app-controlled one

Curvy 2 + pampers the clitoris with a mixture of air wave stimulation and intense vibrations. The ergonomically rounded body shapes itself to your body and your sex. It can be connected to the free app from Satisfyer, where you can connect your favorite playlist and remotely control the vibrator, in addition to a plethora of vibration settings. 


CURVY +1 KLITORS App-controlled stimulator and vibrator from Satisfyer

Find din Curvy 2+ her!

The luxurious one

Discover the luxurious vacuum stimulator from Swedish Lelo that stimulates more than 75% of your clitoris and gives you life-changing experiences - one orgasm at a time. Sona uses pulsating sound waves to stimulate the entire clitoris - Up, behind and below. The clitoris does not need to touch the clitoris directly and can be used anywhere on the body. Sona is not a usual sex toy and does not sound like it either. It is quiet and gentle - perfect if you appreciate discretion.

Sona clitoris vibrator from Swedish Lelo

Find din SONA her

Hopefully, some of these amazing vibrators can help you on the journey to improve your sex life. We're always adding new vacuum vibrators, so remember to keep an eye on our stimulator category.

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