Hvad nu hvis sexlegetøj var så flot, at man vil have det stående i vindueskarmen?

What if sex toys were so beautiful, you wanted to keep them on the windowsill?

In this post, Nina Rosalina talks about her ceramic sex toys. Sex toys in colorful hues and beautiful shapes that are so gorgeous that you want to show them off.

I was putting on a ceramics exhibit in the fall, and I thought "What if sex toys were so beautiful, you wanted to keep them on the windowsill?" I wasn't interested in making beautiful vases or polished tableware, which are things that I myself tend to associate with ceramics. I wanted to create something completely different. Something that would challenge the hard material of burnt clay and give it softness and intimacy. I wanted to make ceramic sex toys. I wanted to get away from the dark colors and the vulgar shapes that we associate with sex toys and pornography.

I wanted to make beautiful and colorful sex toys. Things you wouldn't want to hide away in the drawer. I wanted them to be sculptures and works of art in their own right, to be things you could look at without necessarily realizing what they are at first sight. My ceramic sex toys reflect investigative and curious sexuality, which comes in many shapes and colors. I thought it was fun to play with organic, natural material, as it seemed so unnatural for its function, although you probably can't find a material more natural and basic than clay.

I've always enjoyed working with my hands and the creative process behind it. I come from a traditional family, but it wasn't so strict that I couldn't explore my identity and interests. There are no artists in my family, but to me, the arts have always felt right. I currently live in Amagerbro, where I have a beautiful studio, and I'm looking forward to unfolding even more in this space.

I've never worked with clay before, and ceramics is a completely new area that I immersed myself in at the School of Art in Holbæk in the fall of 2020. To be honest, the material bores me a lot, as working with clay is an extremely slow process, and you have to have a lot of patience, which is a challenge for me. But as I've come to know the material and its history, I've become more interested in the organic matter that we see everywhere and the opportunities it presents. Besides, it's also much more fun to make butt plugs than pretty mugs for the people in my social circle.

My products are only prototypes, but the concept is that you should be able to use the toys as normal sex toys. After two long burns and an unpredictable glaze, the sex toy will be functional. The cold and hard product will allow you to play with temperatures and perhaps explore yourself and/or your partner in entirely new ways.

Sexuality comes in many shapes and colors, which I have tried to express through color choices and shapes. I wanted my sex toys to have an exuberant expression in beautiful color combinations that were more inspiring than the classic black and pink sex toys we're so used to seeing. I wanted them to look inviting and less scary for a change. The shapes border on classic to some extent, only the expressions are more sculptural. Since the material limited the possibilities, I ended up working with the more classic sex toys, such as dildos, butt plugs, pelvic floor trainers and anal beads. I couldn't make toys with vibrations, although I'm sure those would have been a joy to make.

Not only are my products functional, but they're also so beautiful that you can use them to decorate the windowsill.

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