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How to use perhaps the world's best Kegel trainer (pelvic floor trainer) - ELVIE?

Did you know that a stronger pelvic floor can give you more pleasure and stronger orgasms? Read and learn how to train your pelvis floor and get stronger orgasms here

What is the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is a powerful set of muscles that sit like a hammock between your coccyx and pubic bone. They lift and hold your pelvic organs, help with bladder and bowel control and support the abdominal muscles and the back.

Though the muscles are hidden, they play an important role in women's health, including sexual and emotional well-being.

Pregnancy, birth, aging and intensive sports can all weaken these muscles. As a result, 1 in 3 people with a vagina, and up to 80% of new and expectant mothers, experience physical problems.

Pelvic floor exercises are recommended by health authorities around the world to prevent or treat pelvic floor problems, and in 70% of cases, they reduce symptoms. When performed correctly, the gentle exercises help to:

  • Improve intimate health
  • Strengthen bladder control
  • Prepare the body for pregnancy and speed up postnatal recovery
  • Develop and maintain muscle tissue
  • Strengthen confidence and emotional well-being

How to use Elvie Trainer

We recommend exercising for five minutes three times per week. The discreet and portable bag has a built-in charger, which means you can work out anytime, anywhere. The exercises are designed with guidance from pelvic floor experts, and they're so effective, you'll start noticing results after four weeks.

What makes Elvie Trainer unique?

Elvie Trainer is the world's smallest and smartest Kegel trainer (pelvic floor trainer). Designed by women, for women. It's small, comfortable, discreet and easy to carry. Elvie Trainer is the new gold standard in biofeedback technology for the pelvic floor, and it'ss recommended by more than 800 health professionals worldwide.

How does Elvie Trainer work?

Place it in the vagina, and Elvie Trainer automatically connects to an app that guides you through fun five-minute workouts. Elvie Trainer's force and motion sensors measure pelvic floor muscle movements, and using biofeedback, the app visualizes the exercises in real-time.

The app follows your progress, corrects your technique, trains you through the different levels of training, and allows you to set personal goals. Training your pelvic floor has never been this fun and simple.

How to get started

Elvie Trainer works with iPhone and Android and requires iOS7+ and Android 4.3. Download the app and create your personal account. Elvie Trainer connects to the app via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Can Elvie Trainer be used during pregnancy?

You can use Elvie Trainer during pregnancy if you're not experiencing complications. Each pregnancy is unique, so if in doubt, please consult your doctor before use.

New mothers can start using Elvie Trainer again after their doctor has advised that they're ready to resume normal activities, usually about 6 weeks after birth.

Can I use Elvie Trainer with an IUD?

Yes, you can use Elvie Trainer with an IUD (or spiral). The tail of the Elvie Trainer is the part that connects to your device, and this stays outside. Thanks to a full cover of medical-grade silicone with no open surfaces, Elvie Trainer is safe to use with an IUD.

Can I use Elvie Trainer if I'm experiencing problems with my pelvic floor?

If you have problems related to the pelvic floor (e.g. prolapse or pelvic pain), we recommend that you consult your doctor before purchasing Elvie Trainer.

Description of the Elvie trainer:

Elvie Trainer is the award-winning Kegel trainer for your pelvic floor. Simply place it in the vagina and connect to the app for real-time feedback while it takes you through a fun five-minute workout to improve intimate health, bladder control, and post-pregnancy changes.

60% of women don't reach climax during sex, and 1 in 3 people with a vagina feel the effects of a weak pelvic floor. Training the pelvic floor muscles improves control, heightens sensitivity and results in stronger orgasms.

With Elvie Trainer, 8 out of 10 people experience vaginal improvements, and of these, 98% experience a difference in fewer than 6 weeks. Elvie Trainer is comfortable, safe and easy to use, and it's designed to help you get the most out of your Kegels (pelvic floor exercises).

Stay motivated by keeping an eye on your workout in real-time, setting personal goals, and seeing your results improve over time on the free app. Gold-standard biofeedback technology and sensors detect movement, measure power, correct technique, and keep score. The Elvie Trainer comes with an optional resizing cover and a discreet bag that doubles as a charger, making it easy to use the Elvie Trainer anytime, anywhere.

The effective and easy-to-follow exercises are designed by experts from Imperial College London and Oxford University. Elvie Trainer has won more than 15 design and innovation awards and is recommended by more than 800 healthcare professionals worldwide.

Unique features:

  • Five-minute training session
  • Six unique exercises
  • Four different levels: training, beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Made of medical-grade silicone, 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable and designed to last
  • Detailed in-app assistance
  • Regular updates, new games, and enhanced features
  • Data is stored securely without personally identifiable information
  • Free downloadable app available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Russian and Traditional Chinese

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