Sådan renser du dit sexlegetøj

How to clean your sex toys

Cleaning your sex toys after you've finished using them is a great habit to get into. Not only is your sex toys then ready for next use - you're also extending the life of your toys. Read this guide and learn more about how to clean your sex toys

Why clean?

Let us first make it clear why it's so important to cleanse your toys. When you're using your toy, bacteria from your body will be left on the surface. These bacteria are not dangerous or gross, but if they are left on the surface for a prolonged time, they will start to break it down, as well as creating discoloration. If you share your toys with others, you also risk transmitting an infection if you're not cleansing in between uses. When you cleanse your sex toys, you make sure nothing you haven't chosen enters your body. 

Choose the right soap

The soap you use to clean with needs to be anti-bacterial and preferably without any harsh chemicals or perfume. You don't want perfume and the like near your intimate areas, as it can throw off your pH-balance and create irritation. To be on the safer side, it's a good idea to pick a toy-cleaner specifically made for sex toys. At Peech you have a number of options to choose from. You can get the liquid type of toy-cleaner in both a foamy and a "regular" soapy version. This organic toy-cleaner from System JO comes out like a gel and does exactly what it's supposed to, without any harsh chemicals. A foamy toy-cleaner is great for sex toys with many little intricate details and edges. This foamy toy-cleaner from Intimate Earth is made from natural ingredients and produces a longlasting foam.  

If you're on the go or just not in the mood for the whole cleansing process, you can also try a disinfectant spray like this one from Dame Products. Spray it on the surface of your sex toys, rub it in and wipe any excess spray off with a clean cloth. Now it's cleansed and ready for use! The spray can also be used for the hands, if they need a little refreshening.  

What material is it made from?

Now you've got the soap, but before you get completely started, you should find out what material your sex toys are made from. Sex toys made from rock, acrylic, metal, glass or silicone (but only the ones without motor or batteries!) are not very high maintenance, and you can easily just wash them by hand, boil them for 10 minutes or put them in the dishwater on a short cycle with no soap. Sex toys made from hard ABS plastic, soft elastomer or TPE, like a lot of penis sleeves are made from, must not be boiled. Instead, use lukewarm water and some toy-cleaner. You should also note that toy-cleaner with alcohol added can discolor the surface of sex toys made from hard plastic - this one from System JO is safe to use in that case.   

How do I clean a sex toy with a motor?

Sex toys with a motor, like vibrating wands or clitoris stimulators, must not be boiled or put in the dishwater, even if they're waterproof. Instead you can use a wet cloth with a little toy-cleaner on it. Foamy toy-cleaner is good choice here, as it's easier to spread around. 

With this guidance you're now ready to clean your sex toys the way they deserve. It's a quick process to clean and if you want to be on the safer side, you can wash your sex toys before and after use. Before is not always necessary, but after is a must!

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